Fiesta Friday/Real Party - Pink Safari Baby Shower

My sister-in-law Katie is having her first baby, a girl they are going to name Lily.  Sure, I could have run with that, but since the nursery is safari-themed, and per her request, became the shower's theme. Plus, when am I going to get the chance to throw a girl shower?  With a milk and cookies theme?

My biggest piece of advice when planning a baby shower is to make sure the shower reflects your MTB's style.  Katie is so not fluffy, girly pink; she's hip and sophisticated, so no teddy bears and storks.

Her other requirement, cheesy baby games.  I twitched a little, but that's ok.  I refused to do the How Big Is My Belly Game...that is embarrassing on every level, but I figured out a way around that to make them a little classy-ish.

My inspiration is always starting with the great Amy Atlas...WWAD? The shower was being held at an upscale gym so I really had to make it not feel like...well a gym. With high ceilings and fluorescent lighting, well, you see where I'm going with this...

And I must admit, it's my favorite party I've thrown so far...I pulled out all my tricks I could think of...varying table heights, different textures and mediums, tiny details, oversized details...
I've had these oversized lanterns forever, and I spray painted one of them pink and hung in the lobby to take up some space and welcome guests in.

Next up, to enlist the help of my favorite party printables gal Kori of Paper & Pigtails to set the table scene...I told her what I wanted and she was all over that!  P.S. I don't bake.  They were all store-bought except for a few that were Otis Spunkemeyer cookie dough that I baked.  Don't judge.  I can only do so much.


I so love my acrylic boxes I found at Michael's on crazy'll be seeing them at every party. I love to fill them up and a bit of ribbon to cover the seam...animal crackers seemed perfect!

Strawberry and chocolate cupcakes, of course, with mini cookie toppers...

I was excited when I found these little papier-mâché giraffes! And my favorite party trick, lining vessels with scrapbook paper...

I did dip the sugar cookies myself, so there!

The hanging branch was a total stroke of genius...I've always had it, and hanging it over a table has always been a party dream. Since the ceilings were paneled, I was a hanging-stuff-up fool! I tied organza ribbon on for a jungle-vine feel.

No one got the letters, Josh, Katie, Lily.  They just thought it was a reference to the Alphabet Song...


Cookie garnishes and wafer straws were the perfect accompaniments on our Milk Bar...and yes, I snuck in paper straws. Total shout out to The Purple Pug  for the milk bottle inspiration.

Yes, we had the 'Guess The Baby Food' and Gift Bingo games...I did say she wanted cheesy...let me tell you, we had some serious competitors! We had several food blends (granola and raisins) and they were wanting partial credit for figuring out one of the blends.

I found pink pacifers for everyone to wear for the 'Can't Say The Word' game; and once again, the competitive streak seriously came out again.

I made banners from threading letters on fishing line, LIONS AND TIGERS AND BEARS OH MY, that was supposed to hang across the front of the dessert tables, but it didn't quite work out that way. Instead, I just ran them down the main tables and they were even better there.

I used lots of kraft paper; the table coverings, the wrapped boxes, covering the mirrors behind the dessert table...

Each placesetting had a candy banana favor (did you see the Thanks A Bunch tag? Yup, it's a stamp!) gift bingo and baby food cards and a glassine bag for cookie treats. I'm currently obsessed with stamping wooden utensils...I dug out my tiny stamp set and stamped BABY on the spoons...I know.

For the kids present, I wanted a little extra to keep them occupied.  I spied this super clever idea at Garnish, and it was perfect!

My favorite part was decorating onesies...we actually wanted artwear the baby would wear so I did a little research and came up with a great solution. I purchased different materials and ironed fusible webbing on the back. Guests then could freehand designs or use stencils and cookie cutters to trace, then cut out and iron onto the onesies. Katie's mom will later sew the designs to reinforce them on.



I love how they turned out!! The I LOVE AJ was courtesy of Katie's bestie and owner of the gym.  I think it's a little subtle...

The happy couple! Thank you for letting me be part of your special day, I can't wait to meet Lily!

Safari printables - Paper & Pigtails
Gable boxes, clear labels, paper straws, wooden berry boxes, wooden spoons - Garnish
Cookies - local grocers
Banana candy mold - Home Cake Decorating Supply Co. (local store)
Ribbon, material for the onesies, fusible webbing - JoAnn Fabrics And Crafts
Kraft paper, ribbon - local store
Block letters, papier-mâché giraffes, acrylic boxes, cookie cutters - Michael's

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