Fiesta Friday/Real Party - 40th Birthday 70's Disco Bash

Before I launch into today's Fiesta Friday, I just had to make sure you all saw my Back To School Bash on Lilsugar, I mean, seriously, how did they a) find me b) include me with the parties I have seriously drooled over and admired!? Take another moment...take it all in...ok, I'm done squeaking!

And speaking of Back To School, check out my Seattle Mama's post on fun treats for your own party or first day of school specialness, like this cute bookworm!

70's Disco invite

OK, back on track.  Your 40th should always be a blowout...mine is in 3 years and coupled with my 15th wedding anniversary (!!!) I'm planning on having a serious weekend bender! So when my client wanted to do something for her husband's birthday, plus keep it a surprise, I knew what must be done...a 70's Disco Bash!    When I showed up, he was a little thrown off, since my arrival always means a party. She even had his outfit planned...

I remember these invites from Bird's Party Shoppe as part of her Glitter & Snow collection, and had to have them, the disco balls were perfect!
70s Disco Party table

I sure wish I could have captured all the lights going, the disco ball was spinning, it was awesome!

70s Disco Party table blacklight bulb

As soon as I saw the light bulb containers at another blog, I kept my fingers crossed to find them and there they were at Hobby Lobby.  I snatched them up and turned them into blacklight bulbs by filling them with black jelly beans.

70s Disco Party table Scooby Snacks

70s Disco Party table mustache pops

I know, I'm tickled every time I think about the Burt Reynolds/Kenny Rogers mustache pops...

70s Disco Party table mustache pops 2

70s Disco Party table candy bag

Treat bags were filled with all types of candies from back in the day from wax candy bottles to Abba Zabbas...and crazily enough, are still around!

70s Disco Party table disco glitter cupcakes

70s Disco Party table disco glitter cupcakes 2

Disco dust + luster spray = the most fun I've had with cupcakes.  I wish I could do that all the time, it was so much fun to spray paint the cupcakes then sprinkle the disco dust.  But let me tell you, it's pricey stuff, but totally worth it! I used CK Products disco dust in American Silver and PME edible lustre spray icing in silver and scored mine from a specialty baking shop. And yes, those are records underneath the cupcakes!

70s Disco Party table Jello shots

70s Disco Party table candy mood rings

I can't lie...the candy mood rings are my favorite part. I've been searching for a ring stand, I wanted one for my Cupcakes + Cocktails Party, but alas, it only turned up after I was visiting my in-laws over the 4th Of July when I found it at JoAnn's. Now, I'm seeing them everywhere...I hate when that happens...

70s Disco Party Pet Rocks

70s Disco Party Pet Rocks 2

Of course the kids had make their own Pet Rocks.

Yours truly! This is actually a one piece dress, pure shiny polyester; the vest is ACTUALLY attached!

The birthday boy had a far out time, man!


  1. so fun! LOVE all your groovy details!

  2. You had me at "Burt Reynolds Pops"! So fun--great job!

  3. AWESOME!!! What a cute party! Kenny and Burt pops! The disco cupcakes! All of it is amazing! I bet the kids (and adults) LOVED it!!

  4. What a fabulously fun theme! Love all the clever (and era-revealing!) details. Great groovy job!

  5. Oh this is crazy good!! :) I'll be saving this as a Disco party is one that I have not done yet, but now am even more inspired to do so. Thanks for all your fabulous ideas.
    I agree...the mood rings are my favorite too. :)

  6. Hi
    Love the 70 s stuff u did Hun . I'm having a 70 s party n love the martini glass display u've done
    I have lg martini glasses but can't seem to find the disco balls to go in so here's the ask could u advise me on where to get them from or do u sell them or hire them out
    My party is at beginning of aug so help ASAP would b greatly received
    U can email me on

  7. Disco dust is PLASTIC CRAFT GLITTER and not meant for use on food because it's INEDIBLE.

    To keep something edible, edible glitter made from gum arabic, sanding sugar, or gelatin should be used.

    1. Hi, blakescakes, what I used is food grade, edible glitter found at baking supply stores. I linked to the product I used.


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