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LEGO party invite

Wow, time flies! I just realized that I haven't shared the little one's party from June.  My boys' birthdays are a week apart, so after the boy's Mario Party, we had the little one's LEGO party at a local Y. They were supposed to get an hour of swim and an hour of play in the large tumble/playzone. Perfect for me to set up and have time to take photos and enjoy ourselves.

So I have to say that I'm learning to roll with the party punches, but this party took everything in me not to raise my fists to the heavens and shout "Why??" I won't bore you with the details (from ill-prepared staff to losing almost an hour of party time), but what really hurt my feelings was not being able to use my backdrop that I made cutting tons of cardstock down and gluing to posterboard. I couldn't cover up their summer background. Oh yes, that nearly reduced me to tears.  So in your mind, replace the 'Celebrate Summer' background with this...

LEGO party dessert table

OK, I said that, now I feel better. We made proceed...

LEGO party dessert table

LEGO party dessert table 2

The little one's love of LEGO made it an easy choice for this year's theme. The colors are so bright and the perfect printables made it easy to do. Who is the cleverness behind the printables? SIMONEMadeIt, that's who!  I'm not sure how I found her shop though...but that is how I find most of my discoveries, by sheer accident.

Since it was a location party, I didn't have time to go into elaborate details, so I focused on the snack and guest tables. Do you like my new red TableVogue? I'm seriously addicted to them now, I have 3!

LEGO party dessert table 3

Desperate to find the mold to make the LEGO guys ( wanted $20!), I lucked out that a friend had 2 molds and let me borrow them.  In my mind, using the gum would make the perfect reality, the gum stuck to the cupcakes.  But it's still super cute.  The frosting was truly hardcore...check out the stained fingers...

LEGO party dessert table 4

LEGO party dessert table 5

Seriously, look at his face!

LEGO party dessert table 6

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the snack table...
LEGO party dessert table guy

My most favorite part was the LEGO guy.  He's cast in plaster of Paris from a cake mold; a friend of mine made one for me and I painted him myself.  If I was having a home party, I totally would have made one for each kid to paint.

Yes. How could I not have paper straws? And who would have thunk, chocolate whipped cream! How come I've never discovered it until now?

LEGO party dessert table snacks

I cannot tell you how much I love my cake pedestals from Crate & Barrel; they have a smooth top so it's so easy to trace out scrapbook paper to line it!

LEGO party placesetting

LEGO party guest table

Why yes, eagle-eye, the runner is green bubble wrap. I  found red and blue at the post office, but no green, so I spraypainted it myself.  And yes, you probably noticed the serious amount of sweets...I did through some fruit in there...

LEGO party favor bag

Our favor bag included candy dots, a LEGO keychain and a real recorder.  Once the party was over and the kids were on a serious sugar high I said, 'Hey you guys, why don't you play a song in the lobby?' It was a little evil of I said, bitterness.

The birthday boy!

I can't believe it's been another year, they are 7 and 10! I wonder what we'll do next summer???

A Colorful LEGO Party

12-1-14 This printable set is no longer available; SIMONEMadeIt now has another version.

LEGO printable pack - SIMONEMadeIt
red table cover - TableVogue
cake pedestal - Crate & Barrel 
LEGO keychain - LEGO store
mini watercolors, recorders, chocolate whipped cream - Wal-Mart

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