My Back To School Printables Post On Seattle Mamas


I'm back.

Did you miss me?

I've been in Houston visiting my family, having my sister's cupcake shop grand opening, doing a million things, you know, like when you are on vacation.  I visited so many fun places, lots of cupcake spots, met one of my blog idols, and of course, taking pictures to share with you all.  I'm also working on our Back To School Bash for next week (this year's theme, Happy School Year!), and STILL have to share the Disco Bash I did last month. Oh, and a fabulous giveaway starts tomorrow, gotta work on my Lucky Leaf product lots of stuff coming down the pike (or pipe, since I'm not sure which one it is)!

So I'm jumping on the moving party train, we'll start with my post over on Seattle Mamas, sharing links to great Back To School printables.

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