We Go Wednesday - Dylan's Candy Bar 2

Houston has a Dylan's Candy Bar. We finally got to go.  We just bought her book on crazy clearance at Borders.  We poured over every photo and gleefully discussed what we would get our hands on.  We were Charlie the day before the Chocolate Factory tour.  I was going to take pictures, we were going to load up on candy...

First off, you can only take pictures inside the store with the giant bunny.  So I can't show you the amazing wall of Pez, bins full of every color of candy imaginable, the party table made of gumballs, or ridiculous candy concoctions like a giant box of gummi boogers and a giant gummi bear. Large gummi letters, nostalgic items like Garbage Pail Kids, marshmallow Star Wars figures, personalized vessels...I'm a bit bitter, because it is a serious tourist trap, so you would think you could take oodles of pictures. Yeah, no.

Secondly, everything is super duper holy-smokes-are-you-kidding me overpriced. Yes. I said it. I had to steer the boys into purchases we couldn't get just anywhere; and since it is as hot as Hades outside, we ate everything there.  So no pictures of what we got either. There was a neat powdered candy dispenser where you can mix and match all types of flavors.  The little one got one of those. The boy got a S'more candy bar.  I believe those were gone before I paid for them.

I know, that's what you do on vacation but when you can't turn off the little voice in your head that keeps saying 'You can find that way cheaper somewhere else', it's kinda hard to buy up the store.  For example, the Wii Pez dispensers I found at the Dollar Tree were $4.99.

But it was tons of fun! They have an ice cream fountain and even carry cupcakes...they said they get them locally but declined to say from who, nor was there a sign.  Out here, when grocery stores carry a local shop's cupcakes, they proudly advertise it. Am I bitter again? Sorry.  The kids couldn't get enough and ran around in love with it all!  Sure would have been nice to have a picture of how excited they were.

In fact, the young lady said I could take pictures outside the store which I did, causing the manager to fly out of the store insisting that I'm not allowed to take photos of the store since it is a private establishment.  Um, ok, store in the middle of a huge mall.  Plus, she informed me the Galleria Mall doesn't allow photos either. Um...ok.

Even better,  a mall cop rolled up on his little scooter.  I had already put away my camera so I don't know if he realized who he was looking for.  He parked it in front the store, looked in the windows and marched inside. Seriously.  I kid you not.  I would have taken a picture of him if I could.

So here we are in our only 'legal' photo (because people are in it)...and check out Lili of Swanky Chic Fete. We are blogging buds and meeting for the first time! She is so sweet, and I'm always in awe of her amazing parties, my favorite is her red and yellow bowling party. Christi of P Is For Party was also supposed to be there, but life is a fan of throwing curveballs.  I also learned about a few other party Houstonians, so next time, we'll do a bigger meetup.

I understand being protective of your brand and I apologize again for my bitterness...but damn it, I wanted pictures! It continued with a few of the cupcake shops I visited...but that's another post for another day.

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