We Go Wednesday - Seattle Market Ghost Tour/Gum Wall/Seven Spooky Sites

Since we are moving into Halloweentime, I thought it would be a perfect time to share the Seattle ghost tour we went on a few weeks ago. The Market Ghost Tours was named one of the Top Ten U.S. Ghost Tours in 2009 & 2010 by Trip Advisor and covers our world-famous Pike Place Market.

You have several options, from family-friendly to the Flesh Avenue tour.  With the boys, we'll take the 5:00 family-friendly tour for $500, Alex.

OK, so first off...the office and meet up location is down Post Alley....

...home of the Gum Wall....

...yes, the Gum Wall. The second germiest place on earth...the first is the Blarney Stone.  As amazing as it sounds and twice as gross in person. Don't you love the ferry boat and Space Needle?

The Gum Wall was the scariest thing we saw there, even though I took lots of photos to see if I could catch a spirit or two. No such luck. The tour is fabulously iWe learned so much about the rich history of the different parts of the Market.

Our fabulous tour guide, Heather.

But since it was the family friendly version, we heard the tame version of stories I could tell were doozies.  For example, the doctor who owned this hotel starved her patients as part of their 'therapy'.  Needless to say, several of them died of starvation. Years later, every time someone tried to open a restaurant there, supernatural activity seriously kicked up.  Starving ghosts, anyone?

One of the stores has a child ghost named Isaac.  This is his little bed to keep him from bothering customers, since the store used to be his home.

I think the creepiest part was learning that the Heaven's Gate cult bought a street tile. Remember them, of the purple blankets and black Nikes?

The tour takes you to the Underground, where lots of eclectic shops are...surprisingly, as many times as we've been down here, we've never seen this!

Next time you visit Seattle, or if you are a local and have never been, definitely put this tour on your to-do list.  We are waiting for the opportunity to do the Lust Avenue tour, for the seedier side of the Market.

And speaking of spooky sites, I just got my hands on the latest Phyllis Hoffman Celebrate Halloween magazine and besides all the amazing party stuff, they did an article on seven spooky sites around the country and I thought I would share just the links, since this post is already getting amazing long!

San Francisco - Alcatraz Island

Fall River (hour outside of Boston) - Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast

Philadelphia - Eastern State Penitentiary (the movie Twelve Monkeys was filmed there)

St. Louis - Lemp Mansion & Lemp Brewery Haunted House

Francisville, LA - The Myrtles Plantation

Asheville, NC - The Grove Park Inn Resort & Spa

Austin - Driskill Hotel 

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