Caramel Apple Creations

I love caramel apples...they are a pain to make but so worth the wait! Check out these creations, too fabulous to eat!

caramel apple creations Amy's gourmet apples
Amy's Gourmet Apples has it all, but this spider one takes

caramel apple creations spider web apples

How about spider webbing from Purple Chocolate Home.

caramel apple creations using modeling chocolate

Hungry Happenings' chocolate caramel apple cauldron and cat are decorated with modeling chocolate!

caramel apple creations pumpkin apple

Bakingdom's treats look like little pumpkins!

caramel apple creations DIY caramel apple kit

Want your guests to do all the work? Send the love home instead with a DIY caramel apple kit from Oh Happy Day.

caramel apple creations DIY caramel apple bar

On my to-do list,  a caramel apple bar with lots of toppings like this fabulous one from Amy Atlas. Photo by Cristel at Curiosity Garden Studios.

And speaking of fabulous parties, check out the finale post of my Halloween 2011 party series at Today's's chock-a-block full of fabulous parties, in case you are looking for last minute ideas for your Halloween parties this weekend.

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