Fiesta Friday - Angry Birds, Why Are You Angry?

I do not have a smart phone.  In fact, my phone is a little special.  It still has buttons and barely supports Twitter.  So I'm only hip to the phenomenon because I don't live under a rock.

Angry Birds party ideas
But when I saw these adorable pumpkins at Lizard & Ladybug, I realized that I should probably do a little investigating and find what all the hubbub is about. So, if you have an addiction to this game (and I hear a lot of you are), here's a little party inspiration?

Angry Birds party ideas invite
Invite guests to your special day with a cute invite like this one from Big Ideas 2; it's an origami fold card!

Angry Birds party ideas 2
Painted bird houses and a fabulous cake are some of the great details at this party from Save The Date Events.

Angry Birds party ideas sandwich
Serve up a few sandwiches from Babble.

Angry Birds party ideas 3
You have to make them from cardboard tubes; Crafts By Amanda will tell you how.

Angry Birds party ideas cookies
If you have mad cookie skills, The Sweet Adventures Of Sugar Belle has great tutorials for these.

Angry Birds party ideas favor cup
Send guests home with treats in these party cups from Kids' Party 1-2-3.

From building a permanent slingshot to a playable cake (!!!), this party from Simply Styled Home has sold me.

Angry Bird party collage ideas
I just discovered this cute party from Pink Peppermint Paper and had to add it in because a. she had a location party and had 30 minutes to set up *insert my head flying off* and b. those glasses are AWESOME! Oh, and c. it's handmade all the way!

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