Fiesta Friday - My Perfect Winter Party

gift wrapping party ideas
Every year, I alternate between Halloween and Christmas for holiday parties. Since I'm skipping Halloween this year, it means a full Christmas blowout. I love coming up with new party themes, especially since my Christmas parties are just for my gal pals, before the madness of the holidays begin. From Ugly Sweater (or if that offends you, Festive Holidaywear) to Santa's Mustache Bash, they always wonder what I'll have up my sleeve next.

You know how I love sharing my crazy thoughts with you all, so today's post is my inspiration board for this year's theme.  It's something that has been percolating for awhile, especially since I've amassed a ridiculous amount of gift wrapping paper from after Christmas sales...a Gift Wrapping Party!

I know, genius!  Well, it helps that Birthday Girl (now Cake.) has a fabulous one featured on The Sweetest Occasion, so now I'm even more inspired. Why does it have to be a late-night, alone-in-the-kitchen mission? I'm having everyone bring a few unwrapped gifts and check that chore off their Christmas to-do list.

gift wrapping party ideas gift topper ideas
We'll be using lots of fabulous paper, ribbon, tinsel, raffia, stickers, the works. I am going to have a mini workshop on making some great gift toppers, from using foil cupcake liners, making tassels out of tinsel, to  decorating with sequins and using lots of gift bows.

I'm definitely going to be decorating with wrapped boxes and a gift wrap backdrop like  my Cocktails + Cupcakes party;  I'm already saving up boxes! Somehow, I need to incorporate this gift centerpiece from BHG. I can totally see Pottery Barn's small lit mercury glass globes scattered among the presents.

gift wrapping party DIY tinsel garland
I'm also going to try my hand at these tissue garlands from The Sweetest Occasion in my party colors, which will be black with metallic accents.

gift wrapping party appetizers
I just got my hands on Peter Callahan's Bite By Bite: 100 Stylish Little Plates You Can Make for Any Party and it's full of fabulous appetizers, because he believe presentation is everything and I agree. When was the last time you saw mini tacos and mac & cheese look so good?  I can't wait to try a few out at our party. In years past, I've served dessert, but this time, I want to have everyone come over a little earlier so I'll be serving appetizers.

At one of our holiday parties, we had a DIY hot cocoa bar and I so want to do it again, especially with this great whiteware set from Pottery Barn. In fact, I was so short mugs, I had to borrow quite a few.

gift wrapping party ideas veggie display
Of course, I may cave and be all healthy with a fruit, veggie and cheese spread like Esther Kim's featured on Amy Atlas. With all the eating going on from Thanksgiving to New Year's, they may thank me!

And of course, since my favorite part of the party is the favors...well, I can't reveal everything, my guests might be reading! But I imagine they would look something like these from Allora Handmade, wrapped in newspaper and baker's twine. I really love the tags.

Anyone else already thinking about Christmas?

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