Real Party - Irish Welcome Home/Happy Birthday Party

This summer my sister-in-law spent a few weeks in her motherland, Ireland, and with her return coinciding with her birthday, her husband decided to throw her a surprise welcome home/Happy Birthday party.  I put together a party in a box since we couldn't be there.
orange mustaches
I sent a full party plan, diagrams, tableware, favors, a banner, the whole shebangy bang, including orange mustaches.

Irish Welcome Home Party
They were to have a DIY potato bar with toppings, etc. etc. but as we all know how the best laid plans go.  But I dare say my brother-in-law was very clever indeed.
Irish Welcome Home Party cupcakes
The yellow candy Celtic knots were to decorate a sheet cake, but that didn't happen, but who can fault chocolate cupcakes?

Irish Welcome Home Party Irish popcorn beer
These popcorn beer labels from The Hostess Blog were perfect.

The party favors was lots of candy, candy lips, candy shamrocks and green M&Ms.

I'm glad to have been of the festivities, if only in spirit!

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