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pink zebra spa party
I love reader submissions so I was thrilled to get this pretty spa party from Sandra for her granddaughter Gabbi. Pink and zebra print was the order of the day, and is so hot right now! Plus with all the DIY tips she shares, I so want a spa party myself now!

Here are all the dazzling details in her own words....

This was the year we finally convinced Charisse to have Gabbi’s birthday party at home. About halfway through the planning process, the party began to look like a mini version of My Sweet Sixteen. Of course we didn’t spend goo-gobs of dollars, but it was slightly over the top. 

Charisse decided on a spa theme and contacted My Girly Party who specializes in spa parties for little girls. The colors were black, pink and silver with a zebra print added for some sass. Luckily we have a good sized basement that has served us well over the years for parties and family gatherings.

The Mr. hung PVC pipe from the header that divides the fitness and party areas with eye bolts. Then he attached plain shower curtain hooks to the pipe. We used more decorative shower hooks to hang black shower curtains with a beaded valance. Oh yeah, we were totally DIY/HGTV. With the PVC pipe in place as a rod it will be so easy to change the backdrop to fit the theme. 
My Girly Party supplied decorations for the tables they were going to use. Each girl received a manicure, pedicure and facial. They also got to blend their own custom bottle of lotion. For three hours the girls were totally pampered. Donned in pink robes and headbands they had facials, and relaxed with cucumber slices over their eyes. Talk about adorable!
From there they were lined up salon style with their little feet soaking in a tub while they giggled over Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez in the magazines that were provided for them. With toenails painted and it was time for dress up. Each girl got to choose some funky accessories to wear for their mini photo shoot, and even had makeup applied. This was the greatest idea ever! 

My Girly Party even supplied the music. Nautrally, the pint sized divas knew all the words to the most popular songs in the country, age appropriate of course. I thought we were going to have to scrape Gabbi off the ceiling, she was in seventh heaven. The pampering lasted for three hours. Can you imagine? I really wanted in on the fun stuff, but it wasn’t my party. Then there was the food.
pink zebra spa party cake
Gabrielle and I have an agreement when it comes to her birthday cakes. Not a verbal one, or one solidified with a handshake. My darling granddaughter wants it in writing and both parties must sign it. Yep, that’s my girl. Number one, it had to be two round tiers. The largest one white with chocolate between the layers, and the smaller one chocolate with chocolate frosting between the layers. I used my favorite white cake recipe, and the chocolate one was from a box to which I added instant chocolate pudding and chopped bittersweet chocolate. 

In keeping with the party theme I used a zebra edible image to the buttercream frosted cake. My two sheets of edible image weren’t enough to go around both cakes so I airbrushed the gaps in pink to tie it all together. Gabbi, like most girls her age likes sparkly things, and I wanted to add a bit of bling. 

For the cake plate I bought an album frame which was a 12’ square. I found pink glitter tape that fit perfectly around the frame, then added clear and black rhinestone-like gems on top of the glitter tape. I slipped in a square of zebra print scrapbook paper under the glass to complete it. A #7 sparkler candle along with black and white striped candles were the finishing touches. When she looked at her cake and said, “Nanni I love it!”, I melted. Also on the dessert table were, lemon tartlets, sugar cookies, chocolate cupcakes and cake truffles.

pink zebra spa party candy
Gabrielle also gave her mom a list of candy that she wanted on the buffet. Hershey’s Kisses, Sour Patch Kids, Pop Rocks, Skittles, Twizzlers, and M&M’s. Unfortunately none of those were available in zebra print. We used zebra print, pink ribbon, and coordinating name tags on the candy jars. For elevation on the table I wrapped boxes in you guessed it, zebra tissue. A few black and pink feathers sealed the deal. I’m telling you we know how to wear out a theme! 
In an effort to balance the sugar high, the party guests feasted on pizza, buffalo chicken sliders, chicken wings, pinwheel deli sandwiches, spinach and artichoke dip with crackers, chips, veggie shooters and Princess Punch.

In taking mental notes after the party, Charisse and I both agree that we should have had the girls eat first and then get pampered. Almost as soon as they finished eating, their parents were arriving to pick them up.Gabrielle was still floating when she went to school the next day. When she came home I asked if her friends were talking about her party, she said “everybody” was talking about her party. Well, well, well.

Spa party items - My Girly Party
Decorations - Hobby Lobby and Michael’s
Chair covers - Linen Tablecloth
Custom Tutu Halter Dress - Rochafam*Creations (eBay)
Balloons - Balloneystore (eBay)
Pinwheel deli sandwiches - Sam’s Club
Sweets and savories - Sweet Sensations 

Thanks, Sandra, for sharing with us such a fabulous party! If you would like to submit your own fabulous soiree, email me!

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