We Go Wednesday (On A Monday) - Trophy Cupcakes Party Room/A Night of WitchCRAFT

I wanted to get this post out since it is filled with Halloween crafty goodness, even though I'm severely behind on so much other stuff to share.  I recently had the pleasure of attending a night of serious crafting at the new party room of Trophy Cupcakes at the Wallingford Center....

....hosted by  Lyndsey of The Stationery Place and Marie of Make And Takes.

The party room and party shop just opened this summer, across from the cupcake shop.  Oh man, check out all those cake platters and vessels!

Trophy Cupcakes party shop

Trophy Cupcakes party shop 2

Trophy Cupcakes party shop
Instead of balloons, you can hang up lots of tissue poms! Alright, back to da partay!

Trophy Cupcakes party shop 3

Trophy Cupcakes party shop cupcakes
Look at all the yumminess we nibbled on and took a few home...

Trophy Cupcakes party shop/party room

Trophy Cupcakes party shop/party room 2

Trophy Cupcakes Night of Witchcraft felt wreath
We made five crafts; a Halloween wreath using felt circles that are folded and pinned to a foam wreath.  I didn't have time to sit and cut out the 120 felt circles needed.  That's a 'sit-in-front-of-the-TV-and-catch-up-on-The-Housewives' job.

Trophy Cupcakes Night of Witchcraft craft pumpkin decorating
Next, decorating a craft pumpkin either with stickers or paint, or both!

Trophy Cupcakes Night of Witchcraft Scrabble tile pendant
Then, Scrabble tile necklaces....I forgot to grab a chain, so these are just the pendants...

Trophy Cupcakes Night of Witchcraft glittery spider ring
The simplest one anyone can do was the glittery ring.  We just brushed a little Mod Podge (you can use glue) over those little plastic rings (mine is a spider, but skulls, bats, any of those will do!), then dipped it into a bowl of superfine glitter.

Trophy Cupcakes Night of Witchcraft spider punch card
And the hardest for me, spider punch cards.  The cards came with holes pre-punched and we were to sew them with black embroidery floss.  I swear it took me 20 minutes trying to thread the needle, and a kind lady did it for me.  Then I was OK, a little cursing here and there, since even simple sewing gives me the jitters.  I

Do you likey my little spider? He's made from yarn and pipe cleaners. Check out the tutorial to make some cuteness for yourself.

Trophy Cupcakes Night of Witchcraft Michelle Paige
Michelle Paige was also there and has another fabulous wrap up with more photos! Here she is all crafty, and behind her looking like she is clutching her pearls is Stephanie of Stephmodo; I met her at my blogger meet up.

There may be a Christmas craft night so stay tuned...

So, I didn't take any pictures of myself, but Marie did another awesome wrap up and a photo with me in it actually exists!  I wonder where I am...

And here I am again, with Lyndsey, with yet, another awesome wrap up!  And you all thought I didn't 'exist'...

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