We Go Wednesday (On A Saturday) - BrickCon 2011

Before I launch into today's musing, I've got more Halloween fun to share from my Today's Mama post, this time, awesomatic treats guaranteed to make you go ahhh...and maybe a few ewwws...

BrickCon 2011 LEGO convention in Seattle
As you know, I have boys.  Even the dog is a boy.  So, I've embraced the endless light saber duels and 'thermal detonator' references, the bringing of salamanders and other many footed creatures, and of course LEGO. So when I learned about BrickCon, how could we not go? And since it was billed as 'an adult LEGO hobbyist event', you know visions of grown men still living in their mother's basement popped right on in.

Be warned, I took like a gazillion pictures because I've never seen such amazing creations, and this isn't even all of them! And since I'm a bit of a geek, I was seriously geeking out more than my boys.

Oh, and FYI, they are not LEGO blocks, they are bricks.  Don't ask me why I know that, but know it involved a rather uncomfortable moment with a grown man carrying a gun made of LEGO.  See if you can spot him in the pictures.

There was more than a few people dressed up...

BrickCon 2011 LEGO convention

 Yes, those are not pictures, they are made up of bricks.

BrickCon 2011 LEGO castle

Hogwarts and the Quidditch Field in LEGO is bananas!

BrickCon 2011 LEGO Harry Potter

BrickCon 2011 LEGO Harry Potter 2

BrickCon 2011 LEGO Harry Potter 3
What really knocked our socks off was this replica of Saruman's fortress at Isengard from Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers. Yes, you know the scene, where the Ents (AKA the walking trees) destroyed the dam and flooded the fortress. Don't act like you don't kow what I'm talking about!

BrickCon 2011 LEGO Lord Of The Rings Sarumon's Fortress

BrickCon 2011 LEGO Lord Of The Rings Sarumon's Fortress 2

BrickCon 2011 LEGO Lord Of The Rings Sarumon's Fortress 3

BrickCon 2011 LEGO Predator
Yup, Pooh and a Predator.

If you live in the Seattle area or are planning on visiting around early October, BrickCon comes every year.  You can purchase sets, gear, pretty much anything LEGO.  Grown men going on and on about their models is TOTALLY worth the ticket price.  They know how many hours they've worked on them, and tell you in great detail about how their creations have been verified.

Yes, I said verified. You have to build them with particular bricks that have to be verified; for example one young man showed me how the two different grey colors of the bricks showed that they came from different production lines, hence not authentic.   Uh-huh, totally worth the price.

Now that's something you don't see every day...

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