Fiesta Friday/Real {Reader} Party -Thanksgiving Tablescapes

Today's Mama Thanksgiving tablescape
Can you believe Thanksgiving is in less than a week? Wasn't it just Halloween? Over the next few posts, I'll be sharing lots of  table inspiration.  If you are looking for a few crafty ideas for your table, check out my Today's Mama post on Fiskar's clever cleverness.

And speaking of which, Sandra from Sweet Sensations sent in her take on the kids' table...
Kids' Thanksgiving table
I’ve always thought it was unfair at big family gatherings for kids to have to sit at their own table. If there isn’t room, or if the host/hostess insist that kids have their own table how about making it special for them.

To start with, I found a paper table cover that is one giant activity pad. The kids can color, play word games, tic tac toe, and find their way through a turkey maze. It can keep them busy for hours. I know a couple of adults in my family that could amuse themselves for most of the evening with this also.

I bundled several crayons and tied them with ribbon as favors for each child. A pack of 48 from the dollar store will go a long way. Since this is a kids table I had to get an expert's opinion on how it would work for the holiday. My granddaughter and niece loved it. Clearly they like the banana cupcakes I made as well.

Thanks for sharing! Stay tuned for more inspiration...

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