No Gnews Is Good Gnews

photo courtesy of Jim Martin Productions
Did you get that? You'd have to be my age (old) to remember the Great Space Coaster ("It's the Great Space Coaster, get on board, on the Great Space Coaster, we'll explore...") with Gary Gnews.  Remember, he always a 'g' to words that begin with 'n'?  Well, I've been saying 'No Gnews Is Good Gnews' and either I got a cracked out look (youngsters) or a cracked out look and a 'oh yeah, I remember that!' (oldsters).

Anyways, the point to this ramble is exactly that.  I got an interesting comment from Anonymous (always when they want to rip me a new one, in their passive/aggressive way) and it went quote "I see you aren't bitchin' about life like you used to, guess things are working out, karma isn't always the bitch that you are".

Wowza. Normally, I don't publish mean comments, I'm not blogging to win anyone's approval but this one clearly needed to be answered.  Wait, clearly I just did.  Damn.  I guess you are smarter than me, Anonymous. Guess you one-upped me on that one. Feel free to use that little space-age wonder called the mouse and click on.

I'm assuming that they are referring to my occasional  Ranting And Raving. My own musings on wait for it...MY OWN BLOG.  Well, Blogger's actually.  Damn, I keep getting out-smarted.  Guess I'll have to delete this blog and sob softly that I've lost a total stranger that didn't even have the courtesy to list their own name to another total stranger they totally blasted.

So sorry, Anonymous, things aren't working out, no gnews is good gnews.  I just found a faster way to annoy's called Twitter.

Feel free to blast me there, along with the spammers with their stupid links. Except you can't be quite that anonymous, so I guess you won't be there. Whatevs. There.  A new rant for ya.