We Go Wednesday - Purple Café & Wine Bar

Purple Cafe Seattle
I had the pleasure of being introduced to Purple back to back.  My first time there was for my sister-in-law's going away dinner and a few days later, for a meet-up.  So what is it? In their own words...Purple Café and Wine Bar pairs a global wine selection with a menu that combines classic American styles with seasonal Northwest ingredients. That's just fancy-speak for 'We've got a lotta wine!' And since they have a wine list that features over 80 glass and 600 bottle selections, that's a lotta wine.

With four locations, (I was at the Seattle one), a fabulous menu and lots of wine, and quite affordable, it's a must for us Seattle folk. And if you have kids, they have a great selection of healthy options like cranberry chicken salad and grilled salmon with fresh veggies. Classics like mac & cheese and cheese pizza are also on hand.

Purple Cafe Seattle milk flight
The kid must-have...the Milk Flight, four glasses of white, caramel, chocolate, and strawberry milk. Talk about classin' it up, my boys couldn't stop talking about it! I, personally, want one of those servers just to have at every party.

Purple Cafe Seattle family shot
We had a fabulous time, the service was impeccable and the ambiance was amazing.  See the chair?  Heavy as all get out, and I mean, you had to lift it and yourself to get away from the table. Yes, I'm not in the picture, someone had to take it. The three ladies are my sister in laws, their menfok and their kids. I know, they are a photogenic bunch.

My second visit took place a few days later; I was invited to an event hosted by Medicis Aesthetics and MomFinds, "How Do You Juggle Mommy Time With Me Time?" Sorry, no pictures, it was a panel of several local bloggers that I had the pleasure of meeting like The Geeky Hostess, who I already stalk, and I was all squealing on the inside.

We learned about a few ways to free up some time so you're not always on the "mommy clock...

• Use services like Lifebooker.com and ZocDoc.com to book everything from hair to doctor's appointments online.

• Another way to earn yourself more free time? Subscribe to TheScramble.com, which offers up healthy meal ideas complete with printable grocery shopping lists. And instead of spending hours walking up and down grocery aisles and waiting on line, use FreshDirect.com or Peapod.com to have your groceries delivered right to your front door.

• Sending birthday and holiday cards can be a huge time-consumer, but TinyPrints.com makes it incredibly easy. Just import your friends and family's addresses and birthdays, and you can have cards automatically sent to them on important dates.

• When you do get some time to yourself, don't pay full price to indulge. Use sites like LivingSocial.com and Bloomspot.com to book spa services and date nights for up to 90% off.

• If you like spending your time off the mommy clock shopping, be sure to shop with eBates.com. You'll get cash back when you shop at Nordstrom.com, Sears.com, Walmart.com and more.

• Another option for shopaholic moms to spend their free time shopping on the cheap? Head over to PlasticJungle.com where you can buy gift cards to your favorite stores for less than their value.

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