Wooden Gingerbread House Ornaments With Wrigley

I was recently contacted by a PR representative for Wrigley to see if I was interested in coming up with some fun candy creations to inspire my readers to show how gum and candy can be used in many fun ways. They recently teamed up with THE Amy Atlas  (check out her Thanksgiving Corn Husk Cookies) and sent me a few of her recipes to either tweak them, or come up with my own. Hmm....playing with candy? Yes please!

They sent me a large candy 'kit' filled with all types of Wrigley candy and the wheels started turning.
Wrigley gingerbread candy house
I'll be unveiling my projects over the next few weeks and to start off, I'm sharing my first idea for the perfect Christmas centerpiece.  Gingerbread house decorating is quintessential Christmas, but I tweaked it a bit to create wooden gingerbread house ornaments that can later be hung on the tree.

I started with unpainted birdhouses, then added a coat of brown paint and white for the roofs....

Wrigley gingerbread candy house 2
...and let my imagination go wild.  A large cake platter and some fake snow makes a little Winter Wonderland.

Wrigley gum tree
I made the trees by layering 5 Gum® in juicy green on a styrofoam cone with a red Skittle topper.

Original and peppermint Life Savers® and Skittles® make this fun roof topper and Life Savers Gummies® greet guests coming down the Starbursts® path.

Wrigley gingerbread candy house 4
A tiled roof made from  Orbit in tropical, wildberry remix, and peppermint with a tropical Skittles border.
Shingles made from Big Red® gum and a Skittles wreath around the 'window' and trim...I know, a window.

To make the ornaments last another season or two, I would suggest spraying it with a craft sealant.  This is the perfect fun activity for older children and adults to have the fun of gingerbread house decorating without feeling 'kiddish'.  Be warned, hot gluing is a must, the candy will just slide off with regular glue, so definitely not for the young'uns.

Disclaimer: I received free product courtesy of Wrigley, no compensation was given, real or implied. This review is my own personal opinion.

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