11 Hot Blog Stuff From 2011

Here we are, another year is coming to a close! Of course, that means it time for my blog-in-review (check out 2010). Once again, the boys got everything they wanted, and this year, I'm working on a New Year's Brunch, because, once again, we are home-bound for New Year's Eve.

There was just so much going on this year in both my professional and personal life, and so hard to narrow down to 11 but if you are keeping score, you'll see I didn't but that's ok! So here they are, starting from the beginning of the year....
1. Our Rockin' New Year's Eve Bash from last year and the very popular Snowflake Tutorial.

2.  It was all about the meetups; attended several this year like the Seattle blogger meetup at CakeSpy and the Night Of witchCraft , and the chance to meet  to meet some of my online crushes is priceless.

3. I finally got on the push pop bandwagon and my first project was my carrot cupcake push pops...I never looked back.

4. Literal sweat and tears in all the parties I hosted this year like the construction birthday party. I learned so much every time, things may not go according to my plan, but turned out amazing regardless.

5. 2011 was the Year Of The Guest posting...from becoming the party blogger for Today's Mama - Seattle Mamas, to guest posting on fabulous sites like Under The Table And Dreaming Pamela Smerker Designs and GigMasters.

6. My paper snowflakes revamped for the 4th Of July for The Hostess Blog...insert squeal.

7. A special pink safari baby shower for my sister-in-law's first baby; so honored to have it  featured on Project Nursery as Project Of The Week and Bump Smitten.

8.  My boys and their first business venture and of course mama couldn't have them just putting up any old lemonade stand.

9. Hosting the Arthur Christmas premiere party and a holiday article for Nickelodeon's ParentsConnect.

10. Being asked by Wrigley and California Black Olives to get my creative groove on. Insert eek!

11. Of course I had to close out the list with my Christmas Gift Wrapping Party featuring the very popular ornamental cocktails..

And since this IS a party blog, I can't resist a wrap up of the rest of the crazy parties I've done this year...in case you missed them...

Milk And Cookies Valentine's Day Party

Tae Kwon Do Party

My birthday Cocktails + Cupcakes Party

Movie Night

The boy's Mario Party

The little one's LEGO Party

70's Disco Birthday Party

Hubby's There's No Place Like Home Party

Happy School Year!

Hope you have a fabulous and Happy New Year! See you in 2012!

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