Fiesta Friday/Real Party - Christmas Gift Wrapping Party

Christmas gift wrapping party

So last weekend was my Gift Wrapping Party.  It was also the end of a weeklong spectacle we in elementary school call Scholastic Book Fair.  I am the new chairperson and this was my first Book Fair.  Did I tell you this story already? Did I mention I was exhausted and couldn't even think about my party? I had so many plans for the evening with decorating, making fabulous food from my Peter Callahan book you know, all my big dreams from my inspiration post.

Yeah, not so much...I'm going to channel most of those ideas into my New Year's Brunch (Toast In The New Year; I know, clever, right?).  But you know what? It was still awesome! And that's what your guests remember.  Make that your mantra.  Saw an interesting tweet this week that said something to the effect, 'what, you are going to have your guests stare all night at the one table you spent 3 hours on?'  But anyways, I'm rambling...

Christmas gift wrapping party menu

The menu...easy, simple food since this year's party was at my friend's bookstore so everything had to keep!

Christmas gift wrapping party food mini corn dogs

Mini corn dogs I skewered onto lollipop sticks for a bit of fun! See...I did do a little with food on a stick.

Christmas gift wrapping party food shrimp skewers

Simple shrimp skewers and veggie cups on my new Martha Stewart stands, which I love, love love!

Christmas gift wrapping party ornament drinks

Serving chocolate milk shots in new glass ornaments was a stroke of genius and was my favorite part. Recognize the 9-section tray? Yes, it's from Pier 1 and is a seriously versatile piece you need to get your hands on.

I am also not pleased to announce that I am now addicted to Stewart's Key Lime soda.  Yes, I served it just because it was green, but it's also REALLY good. And FYI if you have party guests with gluten issues, Martinelli's is gluten-free, I mean, it is just sparkling apple cider. Plus, how can you just not have those little bottles at every party anyways?

Christmas gift wrapping party Jenny Cookies

Once again, Jenny Cookies never disappoints with little mini present cookies...oh yes, they ate them all!  Seriously. Hubby stopped by later in the evening and I felt bad because there was none left and I didn't save one for him.

Christmas gift wrapping party Rice Krispy coal

Were you naughty or nice this year? A simple recipe and a free printable from I Heart Naptime for guests to take home lumps of coal. I warned everyone of black teeth and tongues.

Christmas gift wrapping party table

This is how everything looked before...I set up a decorating station with lots of paper, tape, ribbon, baker's twine, the works!  See my new ginormous Crate & Barrel footed bowl in the middle? It's a crazy steal at $19.95 so you better get your hands on one, it's no longer online so you know they are going fast!

...and after in full wrapping mode!

If you are looking for free tag downloads, I found a lovely set at The Sweetest Occasion from Frog Prince Paperie.

Another wonderful time, my head didn't explode from the 'coulda, shoulda, woulda' that I usually get...again, too tired to do that.  Maybe I should be more tired, so I don't stress out as much? Hmm.....

If you liked the drink ornaments...I have finally figured out how to make them stand...check them out on the Party Hop: Handmade Holiday.

Thirty Hand Made Days


  1. Looks like it was a fun and successful party. Love those adorable ornament glasses! -Dani

  2. this is such a fun idea...thanks for sharing.

  3. Such a fun idea!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea to use glass ornaments for drinks!! I had to Pin it!!!
    Visiting from TT&J

  4. You scored a big hit with the ornament glasses Dawn, fantastic idea and great party. Put your feet up and get some rest.

  5. IN LOVE with your stands Dawn!!! And those glass ornaments are GENIUS!! :)
    Thank you so much for linking up to the party!


  6. Love the idea to use glass ornaments as drink glasses! One question though, how did you keep the ornaments from tipping over once the drinks were served? Did people just hold the glasses the whole night? I'm trying to plan a fun Christmas party, but there will be a dinner along with the drinks. Do you have any suggestions?

    1. Hi Anonymous! This was one of those amazing ideas that when the reality of how smart it really is, doesn't occur to you until the night of the party. My guests had to hold the ornaments until they finished their drinks, but since it was spiked chocolate milk that wasn't a problem :) How to work around setting them down is something I didn't plan for. Some ladies sat their ornaments on their veggie bowls. Maybe you can cut down colored paper cups or use sturdy baking cups like brioche cups?

    2. We ended up setting them in clear plastic cups with red and green m&ms at the bottom. It went over really well! Thanks for the idea!


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