Tuesday Tip (On A Wednesday) New Year's With Kids/Candy Jewelry Box With Wrigley's

OK, so I make a lot of blog promises, that I keep but for some reason, I've been ridiculously busy with Christmas stuff and haven't been keeping my promises, like sharing all the projects I'm supposed to be working on, Merry Pinterest posts, etc.  So I'm cramming it into this post, and perhaps squeeze in one more before Christmas!
New Year's Eve party with children
First up, if your New Year's Eve attire consists of sneakers instead of sparkly heels, that's ok.  That will be me, so I'm focusing my creativity on a New Year's Brunch, Toast In The New Year.  Have a little fun with the kiddos (and I'm assuming that is the only reason are in, because you couldn't find a sitter) and check out my Today's Mama post on how to rock in 2012.

Candy ring with Ring Pop base
And speaking of fun with kids, remember my big box of goodies from Wrigley and the wooden gingerbread house and cake?  Well, I saw a post from The Idea Room reusing Ring Pop bases for candy rings and I thought, hey, I can do that!

If you want to make your rings more hygienic (not eating the candy off first), soak them in a cup of water and the candy will dissolve right off.  Hot glue on your favorite candy and you're set.  Of course, if you want to make them edible, use melted candy melts as glue instead.  I used a small gumball, gum and purple Skittles® here.

Then the wheels really started turning...what if you made a whole collection? if you are looking for an easy and fun gift for a special little girl in your life, how about a candy jewelry box?

candy jewelry box
I found this Melissa & Doug keepsake heart kit on clearance at Michael's and realized the actual box it came in was exactly what I wanted.  Of course, if you found a real jewelry box or paint an unfinished one, it would be just as special.

candy jewelry box gumball and Skittles ring
I made another ring with a giant gumball and Skittles Blenders®, every girl needs a giant rock, right?

candy jewelry box Life Savers/baker's twine candy bracelet
A twist on an old classic...for years, we've been making bracelets threading cereal and candy on pull-apart licorice.  This time, I thought using baker's twine would make for sturdier arm bling with Life Savers® hard candy in Tropicals and Life Savers Gummies® Collisions.  She can nibble them off to her heart's content!

I had a lot of fun but craft-fails working with the Skittles®. At one point, I actually tried to drill a hole through them to mimic the candy necklaces, but the candy kept cracking.  Then I tried hot-gluing it to the baker's twine, but the logistics of making them line up through the candy's center (my crafting OCD kicking in) made my head hurt. Stay tuned...more projects are on the horizon.

Oh, and check out my Merry Pinterest page...serious Christmas craftiness ensues! My new faves are the Christmas Card Lineup and the Rudolph hairstyle...you gotta check out the Princess Piggies site, she has so many other crazy bananas hairstyles.

Disclaimer: I received free product courtesy of Wrigley, no compensation was given, real or implied. This review is my own personal opinion. I used my own non-Wrigley brand product.

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