Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum In A Dish

Valentine's Day is coming up fast! I've been working on all sorts of projects here and there, class and teacher valentines, once again, I'm chair of our Valentine's Day Bingo and gearing up for that. Guess what, I found a candy mold for that too! I know. It's an illness.

Last year's gumball flower was a huge hit for the boy's birthday classroom treats. In Valentine colors, these are so much fun and perfect, especially if you are not allowed to bring home baked treats. And since my mind is a constantly derailing train of ideas, it got me thinking about some other fun bubblegum ideas...TomKat Studio's gumball party printables are so yummy and fun!

Nope. I will never get tired of One Charming Party's gumball necklace. Ever.

I love Lolita products and their gumball shotglass is no exception, the recipe sounds yummy!

WH Hostess' gumball invite is a great wait to get your guests excited for bubbly fun.

Gumball machine cake pops from The Happy Housewife. Can't. Get. Over. The. Cuteness. Over.

Gumball cupcakes from Cookies And Cups. Even. More. Cuteness. I. Can't. Get. Over.

Everything looks elegant in a glass with a pretty label, like these favors from With This Ring.

Pretty In Pink Triple Scoops Of Fun

I love to flex my 'girly party' muscle, since I don't get to very often. A recent email from reader Gina posed an interesting quandry. 'I have 3 daughters. One who's turning 11, one turning 7 and one turning 3. We're looking to have a combined birthday party for them this summer and I'm having trouble finding a theme that will fit all of them. All of my girls LOVE the color pink.'

Summer birthday? Pink? The first think that came to mind was 3 scoops of strawberry ice-cream...ding, ding! An ice-cream party is perfect for warmer weather and fits the bill for all ages. And since we are celebrating 3 lovely girls, 'Triple Scoops Of Fun' is perfect.
Get The Party Started
Tiny Prints' pink ice-cream invite is the perfect starting point, 3 scoops of course.

What To Wear
Wouldn't all three girls be cute in these tanks from Chic Baby Rose? I'm sure the 11 year old wouldn't be down with the tu-tu, but the 3 and 7 year old? Yes please! Shush, there go my ovaries again...
pretty in pink ice cream party collageSetting The Scene
The make-your-own ice cream sundae bar is the main act; lay it out with coordinating labels, signs and banners. I think this is the ultimate pretty-in-pink ice cream parlor from Eat Drink Pretty. You can recreate the look with this party printable set from Bird Crafts; she makes it easy by providing everything you need, from banners to food labels. Then again, coordinating paper can tie everything together so nicely like this party from LushLee.

Pretty pink party details from Bella Grace Party; an inexpensive but effective party trick, floating balloons on the ceiling. Unless you have vaulted ceilings like myself, and they all float to the highest point. A definite 'duh' moment for me.

Need some centerpiece ideas? I don't know which won I love more, these flower ice-cream centerpieces from Blowout Party or the marabou feather centerpieces from this pickles and ice-cream party at the Hostess Blog.

Of course you would need to make a few tissue pom ice-cream cones, like ours from last year. It can be triple scoops of course...just make 3 small poms and hot glue to an ice-cream cone. You could even add a red pom-pom cherry on top.

For a more informal but just as fabulous feel (and easily found during the summer months), Kate Landers Events' used sand buckets and shovels.

The Munchies
The devil is in the details; dress up cones by dipping them in melted chocolate, roll in your favorite toppings and set them on wax paper to set.

A party is not just ice-cream alone. Bella Grace's pretty cotton candy cones; ice-cream cake pops from Bakerella; meringue ice-cream cones and pink marshmallow pops from the Hostess Blog. Nordic Ware's ice cream cupcake mold.
Send Them Home With A Smile
Let the party continue long after they go home! Think Garnish has a DIY ice-cream kit for guests to make their own ice-cream.

Now, I know, it's an ice-cream theme, but I can't get enough of these gumball necklaces, they look like litte scoops of ice-cream and you can make them in any color you like.

How about ice-cream scoops with a pretty ribbon and tag a la Kate Landers? Inexpensive scoops can be found at any box store and if you are like me and have a fabulous Dollar Tree, you never know what you can find there.

Whew! I gotta stop, I'm getting a little crazy here...hope this helps!

Fiesta Friday - Little Red Riding Hoodness

So the latest fabulous installment of Little Red Riding Hood comes courtesy of Bird Crafts debuting at the Hostess blog, and got me thinking about all the amazing parties I've come across and you know me, I had to get the crazy out with another post.
The superchick that is Genevieve from Celebrate Today rocked hers with homemade satin capes, baskets full of chocolates and lots of amazing touches.
From the fondant toppers of Red, Grandma and the Wolf, to the pops and the perfectly set tables Juliana Ingles Celebrations' soiree is perfection.
From wooden doll toppers to pretty treats, Fantastico Oficio makes her spread easy and breezy...sorry Cover Girl!
A unique twist on an already unique theme, Megan Cooley used an silhouette of Red to tie her party elements together.

Fiesta Friday - Year Of The Rabbit

Lunar New Year, Year Of The Rabbit, begins February 3 and if you are planning to celebrate, look no further than one of my favorite party inspirations, In Good Company. Their Good News Issue 26 has the perfect partyscape, plus they share the printables they used! I loved the colors they used, so cheery.

Pier 1 never disappoints with this lavish spread; check out those amazing glass pillars and who doesn't love a gold dragon.
How pretty are Fancy Flour's wafer papers, perfect cookie or cupcake toppers? I love the gold embellishments, they take an already pretty treat over the top.

You know you want to make these fortune cookie soaps from My DIY Wedding Day for your guests

Need more inspiration? Check out my previous posts, Chinese New Year and Eye Of The Tiger.

We Go Wednesday - Knot & Bow - Making Pretty Packaging

You all know my love of pretty packaging and I'm so thrilled to have come across Knot & Bow, home to much yummy goodness for making anything pretty. Feeling some Valentine's Day inspiration coming on? Of course you do, glitter twine? Library cards? Glassine paper rolls? Yes please!

Tuesday Tip - CSN Product Review Coming Soon!

You know I'm all about thinking outside of the box for party planning. I had a light bulb flash go off recently as a problem solver for a party I'm working on, and it will involve a garment rack. I know, craziness!

But what does this have to do with CSN Stores? Well, they do carry all kinds of stands, from coat racks to TV stands for flat screens to cake stands and I'll be sharing with you all exactly what I have in mind with them very soon...

Fine Stationery

I welcome to our merry band of craziness, a new sponsor, Fine Stationery! I've been faves of them forever; I stalk their blog regularly, they have AMAZING inspiration boards. They carry the best selection of personalized stationery, custom party invitations and baby announcements for every occasion. Home to just about everyone fabulous in the stationery world from Vera Wang and Kate Spade to Meri Meri and Boatman Geller, there is no way you can't find something your next soiree needs.

And on that note, I thought it would be fun to share some of their party rockin' products with a few inspiration boards of my own.
Stacy Claire Boyd berry Damask candy wrapper
Noteworthy Collection elegant black invitation
Boatman Geller Madison placemat
Noteworthy Collection zebra stamp
Boatman Geller zebra brown wine tag
Inviting Company wild heart invitation
Inviting Company fiesta chihuahua invitation
Caspari garnish beverage napkin
Noteworthy Collection maracas label
Baby Shower
Doc Milo pink chaise invitation
Stacy Claire Boyd houndstooth address label
Fontaine Maury lady bug dinner plate

Drink Of The Week - Beertails

Get it? Beer + cocktails = beertails! Why just drink beer at your Super Bowl party? Or at any sports party for that matter? Anyone knock back a cold one, but it's a savvy hostess who can make it fabulous!

Lazy Magnolia's Deep South Southern Pecan Float; recipe courtesy of Daily Candy, serves 1

2-3 scoops of your favorite ice cream
1 pint of Lazy Magnolia’s Southern Pecan Nut Brown Ale
2-3 cherries
1 mint leaf

1. Drop scoops of ice cream into a pint glass.

2. Slowly pour Southern Pecan Nut Brown Ale over ice cream. Then, per Lazy Magnolia’s instructions, “drink remaining Southern Pecan while waiting for float to settle.”

3. Add cherries on top and garnish with mint leaf.

Ginger Beer Cocktail; recipe courtesy of Cooking Light
3/4 cup orange juice
4 (11.5-ounce) bottles ginger beer (no, not ginger ale)
1 medium cucumber, cut lenghtwise into thin strips
1 medium Red Delicious apple, cut into thin wedges
1 medium orange, cut into thin wedges

1. Combine all ingredients in large pitcher; stir well. Serve over ice.

The Michelada; recipe courtesy of Esquire, serves 20

¾ oz Worcestershire sauce
¾ oz Maggi seasoning (a soy-sauce-like product found online and in Mexican grocery shops)
¾ oz Mexican hot sauce (Cholula works well)

1. Put a five-liter Heineken DraughtKeg on ice and juice a dozen average-sized limes into a pitcher.

2. Combine the Worcestershire sauce, seasoning and hot sauce and refrigerate.

3. Fill tall 12-oz glasses with cracked or crushed ice. Add a generous tablespoon of the above mixture.

4. Top off with beer from the keg. If you want, the outside rims of each glass can be rubbed with lime and rolled in salt.

Comfort Food Party

Did anyone else see this in the latest Pottery Barn magazine? They put together a comfort food party to go along with their latest serveware that actually says 'comfort food'! Can't you just smell the mac & cheese?

I am absolutely filing this away as a party 'must-do!' They've done all the work for you, with a free invitation pdf, hostess tips chockful of ideas, recipes, even an iTunes playlist. Plus, the pieces are fabulous, you know you want to add this to your entertaining collection.

Fiesta Friday - Are Ya Ready For Some Football?

I don't do sports. I'm a fair-weather fan. I cheer on whomever is winning. I feign interest when my husband starts shrieking at the TV. When the Seahawks played the Saints a few weeks back, I only paid attention because I was out running errands (!!!) and salespeople kept asking me what the score was. I actually did watch them get nearly obliterated (and I mean it was 21-0 at half time) by the Bears last weekend because once again, I was all caught up in the hype.

But because there are so many amazing party ideas for Superbowl Sunday, I gotta jump on the bandwagon and share a few of my party peeps' creativity.

First up, throwing her hat into the party printables ring, I'm excited to share party mama Simply Creative Insanity's cleverness, a 'Hail Mary' Bar for guests to mix up their own Bloody Marys! I love argyle and this color combo is so fun! Visit for more fun pix and ideas.OK, so I totally saw this fabulous party from Shindig Parties To Go weeks ago and got behind on sharing (see my comment way back on the 7th) and now her party is everywhere, but I'm still going to pretend that you all saw it here first.
Need more inspiration? Of course you do; check out a few of my previous football posts, they also have links to other posts... Playing The Field Part I and Part II, and Super Bowl Treats.

I'm Guest Blogging At Party Starters!

Remember how I've been a candy-mold freak lately? Check out what I've done with my latest acquistion over at Party Starters as a guest blogger! Pamela is an uber-talented event planner, with lots of amazing parties up her sleeves; it was her son's Mustache Bash that inspired my own! Go check it out, guaranteed ohs and ahs and a few other fun Valentine's Day ideas too!

Tuesday Trend (On A Wednesday) - Cupcake Pushpops

Before I launch into today's ramblings it's time to announce the winner of my PosePrints giveaway!!Lucky comment 13! Germaine Family said...I would totally get the personalized stationery. It's nice to write someone with pen and paper and send it by snail mail every once in a while ;)

An email has been sent and the winner will have 24 hours to respond otherwise an alternate winner will be drawn!OK, so clearly I've been under some kind of rock because until this morning I've never heard of a cupcake pushpop until I saw this at Cupcakes Take The Cake. They are from Sugarbaby's Cupcake Boutique in Houston (sis, if you are reading this, get yourself there, stat!!).
Then when I tweeted my excitement, a reader informed me of her own purchase from Meringue Bake Shop (another reason why I LOVE Twitter!)
Apparently THE Tori Spelling endorses Sprinkles CakeShooters and had them at her little girl's party! They can be personalized with all sorts of toppings and cake flavors and labels...Oh the possibilities!

Interesting, right? I think they are pretty cool, plus they seem to be reusable! Bake Deco carries them if you are up for the challenge, anyone gets into them, let me know! They look like so much fun! You could layer strawberries and whipped cream and cake for a very pretty shortcake pop...wait, they remind of parfaits! Check out my fun post full of other yummy combos!

Tuesday Tip - Giveaway Reminder & Blog Shout-outs

Just a reminder my $50 PosePrints giveaway ends tonight 11:59 p.m. PT; you know you need some paper goodies for your next event, you can even make cute Valentine's Day cards!

I've a few shout-out thank yous for all the recent features, I'm so honored, ladies!

JC's Loft picked my brain with a very deep does one balance babies and blogs! Check out my answer and others in her series, you'll learn a thing or two. Plus, she calls me 'creative' and 'spunky', I love any and all adoration!

Once again another one of my parties, my New Year's Eve dessert table, was Catch My Party's Party Of The Day!
I also received a sweet Stylish Blogger Award from Mommy In The Baking. I'm sorry, I couldn't pick 15 other fab people because everyone is fabulous so this is to all my favorite blogging peeps. See them all in my Heroes list? And even more that I stalk on Twitter, GFC and Facebook!?!

I'm squeaking, I have a few updates to add today!
Once again, I'm back on Catch My Party, this time on the blog, sharing my paper snowflake tutorial!
Going through my stats today and a ton of hits today, lo and behold, One Pretty Thing listed my airplane marshmellow pop tutorial in their crafty food round-up! So much greatness in the round-up, I'm lovin' the Big Gulp Glee cupcakes!

And speaking of fab peeps, I'm guest posting at one of my favorite party gals this week sharing a sweet Valentine craft...stay tuned!
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