Fiesta Friday - Alex's Lemonade Stand/National Lemonade Days

Last year, I posted about a little girl named Alex. Her legacy continues in the 8th Annual National Lemonade Days June 10-12. With stands and events from coast to coast, Lemonade Days is a meaningful fundraiser that allows people of all ages and all walks of life to make a difference in the battle against childhood cancer. This three day annual event raises over $1 million for childhood cancer research every year.

I want to encourage you to attend a Lemonade Stand in your area, there have been 20,000 of them since the start and occur all year round.  I'm dedicating today's post to all things lemonade to get you inspired, and perhaps start a Lemonade Stand of your own.

Paper & Cake's Lemonade Stand; I love the mason jars and pretty paper accents like paper chains and pinwheels, so that kids can decorate to their heart's content.

This playful party from Charm Event Design via The Hostess Blog has a gorgeous play on lemonade with a full table of lemon-themed treats! Who says you just have to serve the drink?

Another Hostess Blog feature, a lovely Lemonade Stand birthday from Lulu Pink Parties.

Shabby chic Lemonade And Sunshine party from Pen N Paperflowers...this cupboard makes a perfect seller!

A fun printable package from Stockberry Studios has lots of fun elements to help you make your stand the prettiest on the block.

La Belle's Parties has a yummy old fashioned feel with twine, burlap, mason jars and paper straws paired on a rustic wood stand.

Check out these lovely and free printables from TomKat Studio on Layla Grace.

Crazy It Forward + Blog Thank Yous

I've got two Crazy It Forwards today.  The first one is just time for the summer frenzy that is Harry Potter's final film.  Check out my felt owls as a super cute party activity; guests made their own familiars at this fabulous Harry Potter Party at  Tradewind Tiaras I know, cleverness! You've got to go check out this party, she so many other amazing activities...guess my invite was lost in the mail.

The second one is about my Babycakes cake pop maker. My friend was hired to create space themed treats and was inspired to make a few cake pops...
...and she didn't stop there...
...cotton candy clouds...I know. You need a cake pop maker. You so want to make these for your space themed party.  Or to up your kid's science grade with shamelessness. Maybe some, just because.

OK, on to the thank yous...A big MWAH! to The Purple, Glittery One for sharing my Back To School party in her latest party series, On My Radar. It was all about Ordered Chaos, which really isn't my forte, but I'm trying to get better at it, because I love to see mediums and textures mixed together.

Another big thank you to Spaceships & Laserbeams...
...and Oh Goodie! Designs for featuring my construction party! You ladies are fabulous!

We Go Wednesday - Military Avenue/Wire A Cake

As you may or may not know, we are a proud Marine Corps family. A few weeks ago, I discovered Wire A Cake, who can send cakes for every occasion to troops at home and abroad! With hubby gone, I was looking for a way to send him something special for his birthday.  I'm always dismayed at the high number of companies who do not ship to APO/FPO addresses.  Not only is the postage the same as if you are mailing in the U.S., our deployed men and women still enjoy the comforts of home.

April was Military Child Month and Wire A Cake parterned with Military Avenue for a Cake Event that I entered. I was even more excited to discover them.  Moving to a new area in general, is stressful enough, so imagine as an active duty family to move from one duty station to another every few years. Military Avenue was created by a team of military and internet veterans to alleviate some of the stress by offering community information about more than 240 military installations. They also have listings of more than 5,000 businesses that offer some kind of military reward or discount.

Long story, short, we won the Cake Event and my boys received their own cake!  I didn't tell them about it, they love getting mail, so how thrilled were they when they received a package. It was an honor being selected, but to learn about 2 more military resources is priceless.

Tuesday Tip/Tutorial - Glüber Lollipop Topper

A recent trip to a local crafting spot revealed a treat I've never heard of, Glübers by Cosmo Cricket!  Basically, it's a circle of adhesive, designed to create flowers from all types of mediums, from ribbon to glitter and everything in between.

They come in 2", 2 1/2" or 3" circles and once I saw it, I immediately thought of these paper tissue lollipops and promptly bought two packages. For now, you'll find them in high end specialty craft stores, but I'm sure the box stores like Michael's and JoAnn's will carry them soon! I'm seriously needing to combine them with these flowers from Scrapbooks, Etc. but I digress.

Check out the gift bag topper I made using Glüber and crepe streamers.  Don't worry, I'm going to walk you through the cuteness.

2" Glüber
24" each of crepe streamer in your choice of colors
lollipop or craft stick (I found my colored sticks at Rite Aid)
mini clothespin

1. Fold a streamer in half longways, fold in half again, then fold again.
2.  Do the same to your second color streamer.
3. Twist each streamer 'ribbon' together at one end and continuing twisting them together into one strand, making sure they alternate each other.

4. Start in the center, coiling the streamer 'ribbon' around on the Glüber. Thanks to all the adhesive, it sticks like a dream.

5. Before you know it, you have the lollipop top all done.
6. Carefully peel off the lollipop and stick on a 2" cardstock circle and trim everything down, if necessary.  Hotglue the mini clothespin and craft stick to the back, tie on your choice of ribbon and your topper is set.

So easy, I decided to make a crepe paper flower by folding a streamer in half and fringing it.

Then, I was having so much fun, I followed the directions and made a ribbon rosette.
It makes a cute gift topper, no? So hop to it, go get some Glübers!

Todays Creative Blog

Thirty Hand Made Days

Pure Joy Events button

Seattle Party Supply Hot Spots

If you live near Seattle, you have to check out my post at Today's Mama; I'm sharing my favorite places to for great products and fun projects.

Drink Of The Week - Catalina Margarita

Another amazing drink served at my Cocktails + Cupcakes party was a Catalina Margarita. Man, it was sweet, and that's how I like my drinks!

1 1/2 premium tequila
1 oz Peach Schnapps
1 oz blue curacao
4 oz.Fire Station 5 Tropical Margarita Mix  (an exclusive line at my grocery store but I'm sure any margarita mix will do)

1. Add all ingredients in a ice filled shaker and serve in a chilled Margarita or cocktail glass. My friend added the pink sugar rimmer for some flair.

Creative Graduation Themes

We are knee deep in graduation season and if you are looking for some ideas, today is just for you!  The perfect starting point, this list of inspirational phrases from Miss Party Smarty like 'Happy Days Are Here Again' (um, that is screaming to be 50's inspired), 'Oh The Places You'll Go' (a travel theme), or if you want a sweet based party  'Sweet Dreams Ahead'  

Have a smart cookie? A cookie buffet NEVER goes out of style; take a refresher course and head over to  my post on Today's Mama, that includes this clever table featured on Celebrations At Home.

While you are there, check out my other post and feast your eyes on soirees like this nursing school fabness from Sweets Indeed, which seriously I could look at all day....
...seriously, all day!

Speaking of which, focus on their favorite subject in school or if they are a college graduate, what they majored in...I've an entire, and I might add, clever post devoted to themes like art, science and snack time!

Another great example, Brittany, of the blog Afflatus, threw a baseball-themed party celebrating her husband's Masters in sports management and a nod to his favorite sport!

I couldn't help but sneak in this beautiful vintage schoolhouse party from Sweet Cheeks Tasty Treats, with all the school themed touches (hello tissue poms!), it makes a perfect send off for a graduate of any age!

Whatever you decide to do, personal and fun is the name of the game, after all, it is your graduate's special day! And P.S. if you create a party inspired by this post, or any of my craziness, please send me a few pictures, I would love to feature it!

Fiesta Friday/Real Party - Cocktails + Cupcakes: Flower Arranging Workshop

OK. So my birthday was last Wednesday and I decided to throw myself a birthday party last weekend, Cocktails + Cupcakes. I usually share an inspiration board, but I've had this idea knocking around my head for awhile so I made a mental inspiration board, sorry. Wait, we had a movie watching party a few weekends ago that I'm supposed to be sharing. Do you see how my party OCD is kicking in? I can't focus but I've been bursting to share what we were up to because I know this is so clever, that you'll run out and do one for yourself.

I decided to use my love of flowers to my benefit, and our party activity (besides mixing cocktails and eating cupcakes) was a Flower Arranging Workshop.  My thought was to show everyone how store-bought flowers can look like a fabulous, expensive arrangement with a few tips. I invited everyone to bring a small vessel of their choosing and I had a few mason jars on hands for those who forgot. The day before, I hit up my favorite grocery store and stocked up on some blooms like snapdragons, Gerbera daisies, roses, etc., and some filler. Now, if you are fortunate to live near a farmer's market/fabulous place to get flowers, by all means, go!

A stretch of butcher paper with flowers labeled, garden scissors from Dollar Tree and a cheat sheet, plus I broke out my Stampin' Up color wheel to help with color combos....

...we were ready to rock.  My plan was to do the arranging first, because alcohol and sharp objects do not mix. Of course, everyone was so busy drinking that we didn't get there for awhile.  Plus, having me stand there trying to give instruction after a few glasses of punch  (hence my finger in the pictures!) is also not ideal. But I didn't get to do my full spiel because the moments their butts hit those chairs, they were off and running, which was AWESOME! I was even going to show to think outside the arrangement box and use veggies and fruits, but eh, it wasn't broke so I didn't interrupt.

As you can tell by the number of drink glasses, they were having a blast and no one cut any fingers off.

The next day, I made a few arrangements with the leftover flowers...

...and I played around with the fresh kale and artificial flowers that was part of my spiel. I was trying to do something with bunches of radishes, but it worked out way better in my head!

Check out the dessert table and favors!

Birthday In A Box + Paper & Pigtails

Let's welcome my two newest sponsors, well known in the party planning arena, Birthday in a Box and Paper & Pigtails!

I don't know how many times I've posted about Birthday In A Box; the simplicity of their packages is perfect for those of us who don't have time to run around looking for the perfect party supply. All you need to do is pick your theme from the 140 they offer, and trust me, you'll find something! They have everything from general to licensed characters like the latest movie phenom, Thor and everything in between. Choose a party pack and add whatever else you need and wait for it...birthday in a box! They have many affordable party packs and rightPatterns on Sale

Kori from Paper & Pigtails and I go way back...I was a frequent stalker and soon purchaser of her amazing products. Not only does she have the cutest products, she is a whiz at custom design...who else could come up with printables for my Tae Kwon Do party? And since I'm movin' on up in the world, I had her custom a business card...reveal coming soon.  Oh, and this amazing fruit stand party from Buggie & Jellybean that's been floating around lately? Yup, she designed the printables for it.
Make sure you visit them first for your party planning needs!!
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