Fiesta Friday - National Penguin Awareness Day

Did you know today is Penguin Awareness Day? Not to be confused with World Penguin Day, which is April 25th.  How do I know this?  I don't know how I found out, I'm a fountain of interesting knowledge.

Anyways, in honor, I thought I would point you back to my penguin post, because a. it is full of great party stuff and b. it is full of stuff on penguins and c. just in case you missed it.

Not enough penguin? Here are a few more ideas...

National Penguin Day cocoa & s'mores penguin party
Cocoa & S'mores party featured on Kara's Party Ideas

National Penguin Day penguin cupcakes
Penguin cupcakes from Cotton Candy Bake Shop.

National Penguin Day penguin cookies
Gingerbread cookie tutorial from The Crafty Penguin.

National Penguin Day Two Prince Bakery penguin party
A fun Cool Igloo party from Two Prince Bakery.

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