Love Stinks

dinosaur valentines from The Twinery
Before I get caught up in the non-love side of Valentine's Day, check out my Today's Mama post on too-cute handmade valentine ideas. I know, you are busy, but if you do a few a day, you'll have a class set (or two) of ohh's and ahh's. That's what I do, and I'll be sharing some great ideas.

photo from BitterSweets

I love doing anti-Valentine's Day's the one holiday, I as an old married woman, actually hate.  The overpriced/cheesiness/chocolate you shouldn't eat craziness of it all.  It was fun when you were younger, with school valentines and heart cookies.  That's why I love sharing handmade valentines, cute food & crafts for the kids.  But once you are an adult, the expectations are too high! Do you know what I want for Valentine's Day? A night away from the kids so I can sleep in.

So I thought today would be a soundtrack for your bitter, to those of you who are single and proud or newly single and sad on Valentine's Day, or just don't really care about chocolate roses and stuffed animals with large, puppy eyes.

'They Aren't Leaving Their Spouses' Bitter
Secret Lovers by Atlantic Starr
Closet by R Kelly
Whitney Houston's Saving All My Love (how did I just realize what this song was about?)
Stay by Sugarland

'Down From Blowing Up His Car To Just Keying It' Bitter
Adele is currently reigning with her Rolling In The Deep
Lily Allen's Smile
These Boots Are Made for Walkin’ by Nancy Sinatra
Call Tyrone by Erykah Badu
Don’t Speak by No Doubt
Joss Stone's You Had Me
Beautiful Liar by Beyoncé & Shakira
Irreplaceable by Beyoncé

In Bed Eating Twinkies For A Week
Again, Adele takes the Twinkie with Someone Like You
Maroon 5's Misery
Emotional Roller Coaster by Vivian Green
Musiq Soulchild's Half Crazy
One Republic's Too Late To Apologize
Nothing Compares to You by Sinead O’Connor
Grenade by Bruno Mars
Alicia Keys' Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart

Single And Ready To Mingle
She-Wolf by Shakira
Ridin’ Solo by Jason Derulo
Man! I Feel Like A Woman by Shania Twain
U + Ur Hand by Pink
Me, Myself And I by Beyoncé
Bon Jovi's It’s My Life

Yes, yes, I didn't forget Single Ladies by Beyoncé just seemed redundant to say since the woman has a song for every level of singlehood...don't even start me on her Destiny's Child days.

Do you have a song that got you through some hard times, that spoke to you, your 'you go girl/boy' anthem?

Check out my previous bitterfests for great ideas on how to celebrate singlehood...All My Single Ladies, He Had It Coming, How About A Round Of Applause and a plethora of other break up goodies.

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