Tuesday Tutorial (On A Wednesday) - Foam Ball Party Decor

Valentine's Day foam ball/chenille stem party decorating
On a recent trip to Hobby Lobby, they had a flyer devoted to party decorating with chenille stems, AKA pipe cleaners.  They showed fun project ideas that won't break the decorating bank, and my favorite one was using foam balls.  I must confess, I saw this before Christmas, and so meant to make ornaments out of them, but eh...

foam ball/chenille stem party decorating

foam ball/chenille stem party decorating for Valentine's Day
Mine are 2 1/2" smooth foam balls, but you can use any size your heart desires.  Break out your hot glue gun, twist your stems into the design of your choice, then adhere them to the foam ball. That's it!

 It's perfect because you can make spirals, curly-q's, anything you want! I did mine in Valentine's Day colors, but you can do yours in any color!  I even made one with a heart.

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