Box Robots

box candy robot
I've been on a robot roll...first I made them from marshmallows and now, thanks to a local craft store demo, I'm making them from boxes and Valentine M&Ms.  I know, they are clever indeed!

box candy robot 2
His head is made from a truffle box and his body is a 2" box. The bag measures at 1" X 8" so it's smaller than a pretzel rod bag.  His eyes are just a dotted ribbon, I believe it's 3/8".  I don't think I'll have the kids make them, it was a little tricky getting the candy into the bags, so they'll be for decoration.

But if you are so daring to have them go for it, have fun! Swap out the colors...I'm going to make a few more in different colors for the party. Stay tuned! 

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