Elements Of Design In Party Decor - Movement

My elements of design in party decor post generated lots of buzz; I also received several emails for more in-depth ideas about why these ideas 'work'. By no means am I an expert with years of design under my belt.  But as you work on more events, you start getting 'the eye'...something doesn't look right, something's missing...and you'll keep playing around until you get what feels right to you.

Thus, I'm inspired to do a mini series using all eight principals of design (check out the post to see what I'm talking about); so far we've got balance, emphasis, and today is movement.

No, we aren't talking about physical movement of your party table (although if you can wing that, please invite me, because that would be awesome!), but the natural way your eye is pulled to move along certain elements.  Every time a banner is hung, either across a table or hung above, there is the literal line of the banner to follow.

elements of design movement paper chains

The paper chains in this darling table from The Caketress tell you in no uncertain terms, check out this pinwheel.  This is the easiest way to show movement, but there are a few more subtle ways to demonstrate it.

elements of design movement striped floor

Another way of linear movement, using materials that literally show direction. Anything with stripes, be it chevron, zebra, or regular stripes like this fun showroom featured on Felt & Wire guides your eyes all around the room.

elements of design movement paper flowers

Using a graduation of sizes like these oversized flowers from this table from Style Unveiled, seem to dance across the walls.

elements of design movement penguin table

Another way to show movement is by going from small elements to large elements. This is why varying the heights of the elements of your party table is so important, it's visually more appealing.  This penguin table from Hello, My Sweet has elements that start from table level to the towering black fixture, and even mimics that in the penguin backdrop.

elements of design movement yellow table

Going from dark elements to lighter elements is a great way to lead the eyes.  This yellow table with bright blue napkins from Project Wedding does it perfectly.

elements of design movement art party

Using a neutral background with party elements in color is a fun way to get attention.  I love how Sweet Little Parties' Art Party used kraft paper and bright colors.

Next time, repetition...

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