Elements Of Design In Party Decor - Repetition

My elements of design in party decor post generated lots of buzz; I also received several emails for more in-depth ideas about why these ideas 'work'. By no means am I an expert with years of design under my belt.  But as you work on more events, you start getting 'the eye'...something doesn't look right, something's missing...and you'll keep playing around until you get what feels right to you.

Thus, I'm inspired to do a mini series using all eight principals of design (check out the post to see what I'm talking about); so far we've got balance, emphasis, movement, and today is repetition.

I don't need to explain what repetition is...but if I need to, it's the repeating of elements. Easy enough, right? Wrong! We aren't just talking having 6 of the same vessels...that can get kind of boring, well not always, but we'll get to that later.  We are talking...well, let me show you...

elements of design repetition macaron party

Macarons are the star in this dessert table from The Caketress...but don't overwhelm it.

elements of design repetition paper punch runner

Check out how the circle punch runner, round glasses and placemats, globes all tie together well in their roundness on this table from Say Yes To Hoboken.

elements of design repetition paper chain backdrop

Repetition in color? Of course! It's the perfect way to tie elements together. This lovely table from Floridian Weddings not only pulls the repetition through the different elements, but check out that backdrop. I don't think it would have worked as well if it were only one color, the paper chains could have become monotonous and blended in.

elements of design repetition book backdrop

The repetition of the paper covered books and black silhouettes tie all the elements of this lovely party table from Dear Lillie together. There is a fine line when it comes to repeating a motif...covering everything with them would have been serious overkill.

elements of design repetition Ghostbusters party

A nice balance is struck with the repetition of the lollipop stick treats at this Ghostbusters table from Jenny Cookies.

Stay tuned for proportion...

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