Journey 2: The Mysterious Island Movie Review

Last weekend, the menfolk and I had the privilege of attending an advance screening of Warner Brothers' Journey 2: The Mysterious Island which opens today.  Starring Dwayne 'The Rock' (squeal!) Johnson, Josh Hutcherson, and Vanessa Hudgens, it's the sequel to Journey To The Center Of The Earth and like it's predecessor, refers to a Jules Vernes novel.  A trip to Atlantis was hinted at it's end of Center, and this is where Journey 2 picks up.

Hutcherson returns as Sean, but this time around, it's his new stepfather Hank (Johnson),  who is along for the ride. When Sean receives a cryptic message from who he believes is his missing grandfather, Alexander Anderson (Michael Caine), he's off to discover The Mysterious Island.  Vernians (a small group who believe the works of Jules Verne to be true) believe it exists, but no one has ever found, or returned to tell about it. Along the way, they entangle tour guides Gabato (Luis Guzm├ín) and his daughter Kailani (Hudgens) who of course, Sean falls for hard, in their adventure.

This movie is in 3D and the effects are so much fun, and don't feel forced. No secret here, they do make it to the island and it's a feast for the eyes. Everything big is small and vice versa.  An elephant is the size of a small dog and you can ride on the back of insects.

Even my husband liked it, and he's not a fan of family fact, I thought he fell asleep at one point, but no, he was totally engrossed in the movie. Gabato is delightfully silly (he has a tendency to get scared at just about everything), and gets into situations that his level-headed daughter needs to bail him out of.  Michael Caine plays grizzly grandfather well, and his constant teasing of Hank (because he's so big and buff and muscley) is priceless.

I'm sure everyone has seen the preview of Sean bouncing the fruit off of Hank's pecs. That's just a snippet; that entire scene is worth the 3D price, ladies. Gentlemen, it will have you running to the gym in the morning. The end of the movie hints at a another journey, so I hope Journey 2 does well, it's a great family film and we give it 2 thumbs up!

Disclaimer: We attended this screening through Allied Integrated Marketing and no compensation was provided. The information provided here is my own personal opinion.

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