Paper Source

I'm so excited to welcome Paper Source on my crazy sponsor train. I've only been shopping there for years! I think I may have mentioned them once, or twice. In fact, I was just rambling about their Valentine straws and just pinned their too-cute shamrock badge

I've the pleasure of living near two of them here in the Seattle area. In fact, the Bellevue one is across from Crate & Barrel, and next door to The Container Store, or as I like to call it, The Trifecta Of Evil.  Of course, the other store is down from Impress Stamps and Trophy Cupcakes, so it too is The Trifecta Of Evil.

But I digress...if you don't live near one yourself, don't worry, you can order online. Why? Because they have the most gorgeous paper in every hue you can imagine with matching envelopes, stamps, stationery, specialty papers, fabulous gift wrap, and more.

Spa party runner? Paper Source gift wrap.

Starbursts? Paper Source paper.

Do I have a lot of their stamps? Yes,  I do. Do I wander around the shop in a haze of creativity? Yes, I do.

Another place to get lost in, their blog.  It's chock-a-block full of REAL ideas, the ones the gals at the stores make and can talk to you about, not a team of perfectionists...ahem...

So if you are needing to do a little shopping, I've got a nice little button right there in the left column.

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