Fiesta Friday - Paleontologist Party Inspiration Board

My oldest nephew just turned 11 and is a serious paleontologist. I offered to put together a Party In A Box since he lives on the other side of the mountains and we aren't able to make his birthday parties.  Plus, I was having a party itch for this theme, it's the one thing my boys weren't in to.  But after they saw what I was doing, the little one wanted one too.

Paper & Cake Dinosaur dig party invite
I'll share some of my favorite parts....first up, getting my hands on Paper & Cake's Dinosaur Dig printables.  Oh, so full of fun, like these party invites, just plug in the info and go!

paleontologist dinosaur party DIY fossil

They'll be making their own fossils and dinosaur snot (AKA my Borax slime recipe). Oh yes, I know, you want to know how I made such a realistic's using Plaster Of Paris.  I used the tutorial from Roots And Wings Co.  and scored on these great dinosaur bones from Michael's to use for impressions.  I also used a few shells and evergreen leaves and voilĂ !  It's like you went back 250 million years in time.

paleontologist dinosaur party party snacks

Besides their fossils and snot, guests will be taking home bags of freshly excavated dinosaur bones AKA candy pebbles and yogurt covered pretzels. I know, I know...I left no stone unturned...ack, I'll stop now.

A few more fun ideas I sent mama's way...

paleontologist dinosaur party molten lava cakes

Serve molten lava cakes from Wants And Wishes.

paleontologist dinosaur party teeth plates

Make jagged dinosaur teeth similar to these shark teeth from Dollar Store Crafts.  Scatter them around, and hang them up to decorate your party space.

paleontologist dinosaur party names

I love Mini Mocha's idea of giving all the guests dinosaur names.

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