Spa Week 2012

Spa Week 2012 is almost here...from April 16 - 22, luxury spas nationwide will be offering fabulous, full service spa treatments that may run hundreds of dollars for only $50! What? I know, that's bananas! But it's true.

For most of us, it's an last full spa experience with a body wrap, facial, the whole kit n kaboodle was over 4 years ago, and I believe it was because my birthday fell on Mother's Day.    It's my happy place I go to in my mind when I've had a rough day.

But next week, you don't have to wait to enjoy...hundreds of spas are participating, just visit Spa Week and enter your city in the green search box at the top of the page and check the "$50 Treatments" box. And you probably shouldn't wait, at this price, you know spots will be filling up fast.

Don't believe me? One of our Seattle spas is offering a 50 minute diamond microdermabrasion facial with organic oxygen mask and lip plumping.  I don't know what all that means, but if you are into that type of intense treatment, it would normally run you $153.  Plus, you are getting the full spa treatment!

 I was recently invited to do the very hard and dirty job of experiencing one of their Spa Week treatments at the Penterra Spa in the Heathman Hotel, read all about it over on Today's Mama...and I enjoyed every minute of it.  Yes, those are my little piggies, I guess you better skip over to find out what happened to them.  They have a special offer for my readers if you are here in the Seattle area, so you don't want to miss out.

Don't forget to sign up for their newsletter, they are always sending out great information on health and beauty, promotions and giveaways. Sitting in my inbox right now is a giveaway from their spring sponsors, ranging from $500 in cosmetics to a 3 night stay and spa treatments at a Miami Beach hotel!

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