Tuesday Tip - Jellybean Soda Cups

Jellybean soda cups | Not Just A Mommy

There is an abundance of jellybeans out there and it's all on clearance in after-Easter sales.  Take advantage and snag you a few bags for cheap (I found mine in the bulk section of a grocery store for .25 a pound!) to make these cute favors for your next party....jellybean 'soda' cups!

Check your local restaurant supply store (I go to Cash & Carry) for the cups and lids, add your favorite jellybeans (if you are feeling a little crazy, make them all one color), top off with mini marshmallow 'foam' and a licorice 'straw'.

Oh yes, they will be the boys' birthday favors and may even pop up at a few other events...especially since I had to buy the cups and lids in a 50 pack.  But they were ridiculously cheap, and the candy will keep. I saw this idea in a Donna Hay magazine a few years ago, and finally got my hands on the cups and lids.
jellybean soda cup mini marshmallow foam

jellybean soda cup licorice straw
I know, you are running out right now...go ahead, we'll wait.

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