Super Dad! Father's Day DIY Pop Art Plate

I've been working on a Super Hero Father's Day shoot that debuts tomorrow! Yesterday, I shared a sweet peek and I'm sharing another peek with a fun craft idea anyone can do!

Super Dad Pop Art CB2 plates

I've always loved these pop art plates from CB2 featured at Anders Ruff's Super Hero party and kept meaning to get them. Of course, once I'm ready to get my hands on them, they are no longer available.  No problem...I made my own!

Super Dad DIY pop art plate

Armed with Pebeo Porcelaine 150 China Paint markers and a oven-safe square plate from Pier 1, I blew up the image and used tracing paper to outline the plate.  Once painted, I followed the marker instructions to cure the plate.

I've never used these markers before and they are pretty cool! The colors are really bright and sharp, and it flows well.  I was hoping for a smoother look, like I used a brush.  I believe they come with a brush tip, but I couldn't find them. 

If you mess up, you can actually wipe the marker before it sets, it separates like a dry erase marker. If you really screw up, like I did, you can actually wash the marker off and start over.  I was trying to duplicate the polka dots and they didn't look right.  The words had already set, so I could wash off the polka dots.

Wouldn't these be a perfect gift for Father's Day? Let the kids get creative and make a special set of plates to use every year!  You could even use a larger platter that everyone can fit their designs on.

Stay tuned for the rest of the shoot!

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