We Go Wednesday - Nothing Bundt Cakes

Last week saw the menfolk and I spending a glorious week in Irvine, CA for my sister-in-law's wedding...more on that in a later post. This post is my glorious discovery of what I predict is the next conquerer of the dessert table...bundt cakes!

Nothing Bundt Cakes store case
My other sister-in-law is from Las Vegas and hipped me to Nothing Bundt Cakes, which I excitedly discovered one near our hotel.  Since I live north and such a magnificent creature is not my way, of course, I had to check it out. Pardon the crapola photos, it was with my camera phone...but I think you get the gist.

You gotta love a dessert that comes in a variety of sizes, from the bite-sized Bundtini...
Nothing Bundt Cakes Bundlet in Pinkberry
....to the Bundtlet, which hubby was eating in white chocolate raspberry...to 8" and 10" full cakes. And check out that signature buttercream frosting...mmm...cream cheese and butter.

And yes, we are sitting in Pinkberry, another first for us.  I totally busted out the Bundtlet, and was oblivious to the stank eye the Pinkberry folks were giving me.  Yeah, yeah, we bought stuff there too! The boys were inhaling theirs...

So, as I'm wont to do, I was chatting up the gentleman behind the counter, a kindly fellow named James. When I mentioned I was a Seattle blogger, and oh please, let me take of photos with my crappy phone, he smiled and said he was from Oregon, then whisked off to the back and brought me a Bundtini sampler pack to take home.  That's right, 9 in a box.

 Did it mean carrying it back on the plane, fearing TSA agents would cause it to 'disappear'? No worries, he said, they know his box well, it will fly no problem.  All he asked is that I enjoy them and share with my readers.

Nothing Bundt Cakes Bundtinis
Ah James, you didn't have to ask me twice.  What was in the box, you ask? Lemon, red velvet, chocolate,  and white chocolate raspberry, perfectly frosted in fluted cups that the boys asked if they could keep because the paper is so thick.  Am I raising some hoarders or what?

Nothing Bundt Cakes lemon
All I have to say is there were zero complaints...thick and moist, to-die for frosting, and just enough to satisfy you eating one...you could pop in two, but it will sink in your tummy like a stone and you may regret it later.  Ah, there goes a lemon...
Nothing Bundt Cakes chocolate
And there is the chocolate. The little one will only eat red velvet and chocolate and since he's such a 'connoisseur ' of all things baked, his approval is bested only by Julia Childs. He licked his fingers...

If you have the pleasure of living near a Nothing Bundt Cakes, and haven't been to one yet, you should! The closest I'll be is a rumored Portland store, and that's still a 4 hour drive.  My feelings are hurt.

Nothing Bundt Cakes toppers
Cupcakes rule everything around us here in the Pacific NW, but if NBC rolls up, I guarantee it will definitely knock them down a peg or two. They can be customized for any occasion and with simple flavors, appeals to everyone.  I love how they add flowers to the large cakes, and of course toppers fit perfectly on the Bundtinis. 

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