Tuesday Trend - Fruit & Veggies

Fruit & Veggies fruit buffet
The variety of colors in fruits and veggies beg to make it your party centerpiece. Dessert tables are the staple of the party scene, but how about a healthy version that is just as fabulous! Here are a few inspired soirĂ©es to get the inspiration juices flowing!  Seriously, I'm inspired by Mon Tresor's fruit buffet for the little one's cooking party. The white backdrop and clear stands really make the colors pop.

Fruit & Veggies veggie buffet
Who can forget this amazing display from My Bride Story on Amy Atlas.

vertical veggie tray
This clever vertical veggie tray has been floating around the web and Pinterest with no proper credit...ugh...I finally found out who it belongs to...Cocoa & Fig.

Fruit & Veggies fruit party
The sweetest party from Con Botas De Aqua...I love the fruit masks.

Fruit & Veggies fruit stand party Buggie & Bean
I can never get over the cuteness of this adorable fruit stand party from Buggie & Bean!

Fruit & Veggies fruit balloons
Your party needs these fruit balloons from Oh Happy Day; they are so easy to make and what a fun addition.

Fruit & Veggies festive fruit labels Eat Drink Chic
I love these tags from Eat Drink Chic; I used them at my Toast In The New Year's Brunch

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