Tuesday Tip - New Books From Bakerella, Bake At 350 + Kara's Party Ideas

Holy smokes, this October must be the official book-launching month! I'm going to go bankrupt adding new party books to my library! I'm so excited to see and share these new books debuting from...

Tuesday Tip Bakerella's Holiday Pops book
Bakerella! It's all things holiday pops...please, oh please, let there be another book signing...

Tuesday Tip Bake At 350 Decorating Cookies book
Bake At 350 is finally sharing the love in a book, and although I don't have any cookie skills, I've always bugged out on hers and feel that one day, some day I may be able to make my own.

Tuesday Tip Kara's Party Ideas book
Kara's Party Ideas has always been one of my first stops for all things party and now she's going to be on everyone's bookshelves.

Are there any others books coming out I missed/should know about? Leave me a comment! 

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