Fiesta Friday (On A Monday) - Shark Week 2012

I love, love, love watching Shark Week! Starting Sunday, it will be its 25th anniversary. Wouldn't it be fun to celebrate along with them? So today's post is all things with a big bite.

Shark Week 2012 Paper & Cake shark printables

Paper & Cake always has the perfect sets chock full of fun and their Shark And Scuba printables are no different!

Shark Week 2012 shark watermelon

Make this watermelon shark from the National Watermelon Promotion Board (yes, watermelon has PR) your table's showpiece!

Shark Week 2012 shark ice cubes

Just when you think it was safe to drink anything with these adorable ice cubes from Perpetual Kid....

Shark Week 2012 paper plate teeth

You need to make these paper plate jaws from Dollar Store Crafts...wouldn't they be awesome hanging from the ceiling.

Shark Week 2012 shark party

So many fun DIY at this party from It's The Life featured on Celebrations At Home; my fave are the felt fins.

Shark Week 2012 upcycled sharks from wood

Upcycled sharks made from recycled wood for a fabulous centerpiece? Yes, please John Birdsong!

Shark Week 2012 shark party hats

A great DIY to create these hats from A Lifetime Of Love...

Shark Week 2012 party set Wishworks

From personalized chair covers to cookies and water squirters,  Wishworks has it all! 

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