Fiesta Friday/Real Party - Aloha To Summer Party With Party City Pt. 1

Party City Aloha To Summer Party adult table

As I mentioned in my last Tuesday Tutorial, Party City sent me a box of luau goodies to see what magic I could come up with.  I've never done a luau party before, so I was super excited! I thought nothing would be more fitting than an Aloha To Summer Party. Invite your friends over and celebrate the end of summer in style!

There are so many fun photos I had to break this up into 2 is the adult set-up.  I wanted more of an elegant island feel and didn't want it to scream luau, but whisper softly in your ear.

Thank heavens I'm a hoarder and have lots of paper lanterns in different sizes and colors, they are the perfect pop of color. I would highly suggest starting your own stash of reusable party decor items, like lanterns, honeycomb balls and neutral material for table covers.

I love using burlap for texture and it is a perfect base to mimic the rough sand and grass of your favorite tropical get-away. A few yards from your local craft store are all you need.  I simply added a few seashells, a starfish and a curious lobster.

Party City Aloha To Summer Party pulled pork sandwiches

Make your life easy! A crockpot full of pulled pork and King's Hawaiian sweet dinner rolls make the perfect sliders. Add fun fruit skewers, slices of pineapples and chips and your guests will be most satisfied.

Party City Aloha To Summer Party pineapple cracker

Welcome each guest to dine with a pineapple party favor filled with treats. Well, they look like pineapples to me, anyways.  Take a peek back at the tutorial for the how-to. Layering your table is a great way to add interest to your table.  I used wooden chargers and and small bamboo plates for each setting.

Party City Aloha To Summer Party salad

I love dressing up cake stands! How fun are these luau skirts? I made them with strips of fringed crepe paper,  taped them to the edges and wrapped with flower leis.  Adding a little something to your cake stands is an easy detail many people overlook.  

My square Martha Stewart stands have an 5/8" width on the edge so it's easy to find coordinating ribbon to create a band.  Even layering the top with scrapbook paper adds a serious punch.

Party City Aloha To Summer Party pretzel totems

This table couldn't be all needed a few totems to watch over everyone.  Do they look familiar? I adapted them from Wants And Wishes' Halloween skeletons. This time I used different flavors of yogurt-covered pretzels and Little Debbie Zebra Cakes. 

Supply all the ingredients and have guests make their own instead. You would be surprised to see adults love to play with food too.  Perhaps a friendly competition for the most interesting totem to up the ante?

Party City Aloha To Summer Party drink table

You can't have a luau without drinks! I created a little drink station with a great tiki lantern and tabletop torches.  A little luau fringe around the table edge and you're set. Everyone knows a big punch bowl full of a blue beverage hits the spot.  Add a fun twist to the punch bowl by adding drink parasols to a Styrofoam wreath, then set the punch bowl inside the wreath.

Party City Aloha To Summer Party totem

OK, how awesome is this guy? It's one of those fake flame deals and I've never seen them before! Every time I look at it, I think of Finding Nemo...Shark bait! Hoo ha ha!

Check out Party City's extensive luau party section for more decorating tips and ideas, from tropical cocktail recipes to a clever photo booth idea. Right now, lots of items are on clearance and for a limited time, there is free shipping on all orders! I just ordered more tissue fans and honeycomb balls in the colors I can't find at my local store, and you can't beat those prices anywhere!

I couldn't squeeze everything in this post so come back next time for the kids' table.

Wicker chargers, bamboo plates and forks, drink parasols,  tiki lantern, tabletop torches, luau table fringe, assorted paper lanterns and flower leis courtesy of Party City

Disclaimer: I received product on behalf of Party City  for review and no compensation was given, real or implied. This review is my own personal opinion.


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