Fiesta Friday/Real Party - Aloha To Summer Party With Party City Pt. 2

Aloha To Summer Party kids table

Last time,  I brought you the adult side of my Aloha To Summer Party (if you missed it, you must go check it out!) and today, it's all about the kids. There are lots of great DIYs and free printables I found all over the place, so you can easily recreate the look yourself!

This clever idea from Parents made the perfect centerpiece! Create your own tiki hut using a paper parasol umbrella and grass skirts. FYI...their directions said they taped the skirts on.  I couldn't get tape to work so I hot-glued mine on instead.  Do only if you are willing to not use the parasol for other party purposes.
Aloha To Summer Party kids table setting

Aloha To Summer Party kids table crab plates

I've always loved these crab plates and couldn't wait for the chance to finally make them! I modified the legs and pincers from Martha Stewart's download. My plates are dessert sized but you can make them out of dinner sized plates too.

Aloha To Summer Party kids table totems

Remember these totems from my Tuesday Tutorial sneak peek? Have younger guests make one and set them at their place they will remember their seat.

Aloha To Summer Party kids table cocktail glasses

Plastic cocktail glasses aren't just for the big love feeling all grown-up drinking out of fancy glasses.  Tuck in a fun paper napkin like these I found at Hobby Lobby and you're set.

Aloha To Summer Party kids table candy pig roasts

Every luau needs a pig roast! I purchased my candy mold from my local candy store but you can find the same one at Yes, that is brown sugar...although I bought raw sugar which looks 'sandier'. For the life of me, I can't find where I stashed it, so I ended up using regular brown sugar.

Aloha To Summer Party kids table gummi butterflies

Aloha To Summer Party kids table sand dollar donuts

All the place cards are free Backyard Luau printables from Phyllis Hoffman Celebrate.

Aloha To Summer Party kids table veggie totems

These fun tiki printables are a freebie from from Bird's Party.

Aloha To Summer Party kids table cheese shark teeth

Sorry, my pineapple bowls are a score many years ago from Dollar Tree, although you can still find the flowers there.  A nice mix of sweets and healthy foods are a must or you will have kids bouncing off the walls.  That doesn't mean you can't make them fun! I love to rename food...'Shark Teeth' are more interesting to eat than 'cheese'.

I hope my two tables have inspired you to create your own luau extravaganza!  Check out Party City's extensive luau party section for more decorating tips and ideas, from tropical cocktail recipes to a clever photo booth idea. Right now, lots of items are on clearance and for a limited time, there is free shipping on all orders!  And my military peeps, did you know about their 10% discount card for in-store purchases? Next time you go in, pick one up.

Fishing net, plastic cocktail glasses, multi-colored plates and bamboo place mats, courtesy of Party City. The red dessert plates and brown paper cups were my own  purchase from Party City.

Disclaimer:  I received product on behalf of Party City for review and no compensation was given, real or implied. This review is my own personal opinion.

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