Fiesta Friday/Real Party - Paleontologist Party/Luau Anniversary Party

Paleontologist Party Paper & Cake Dinosaur Dig printables
Today, I'm sharing two very special parties, what happens when my party crazy rubs off on others.  So remember awhile back I blogged about my nephew's Paleontologist Party? Since we couldn't be there, I sent them a Party In A Box featuring Paper & Cake's Dinosaur Dig printables and put everything in there but the kitchen sink.

I think I may have overwhelmed my sister-in-law a bit...but she knows better.  Once you turn on my party crazy, there is no stopping it.  I even sent her a 2 page party plan.  I know.  It was bad.  She didn't do half the things I sent, which shows you how insane I can be.  I can do it...because I'm insane. But she did an awesome job even with my crazy.
Paleontologist Party lava cake

Paleontologist Party Paper & Cake Dinosaur Dig printables water bottles cups
Next up, my friend threw a double-whammy anniversary/dad's birthday party luau, and used a few of my luau a few things I couldn't squeeze into my own like the long leaf plates the pineapple skewers are on.  I tried so hard, damn it!
luau party anniversary birthday
Here are some of the cute are those sandals...Nutter Butter cookies with piped details. And I never tire of paper umbrellas, she used them everywhere. Once again, gave her everything but the kitchen sink.  Good for her to even tell me, yeah, it's ok, I don't need everything. Oy vey, I can't believe I'm that bad!

The happy couple! Wishing you many more years together and thanks to everyone for letting me share your special day.

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