Tuesday Trend - Clothespins

Yes, you saw that right...clothespins! Usually seen as a symbol of housewife oppression, it is hot on the party circuit because you can get a lot of them for cheap and they can be easily modified.

clothespin place card
Real Simple suggests using mini ones to hold escort cards or food labels.

clothespin backdrop
I am so in love with this backdrop from Anthropologie featured on What's Up Whimsy? A simplified version would be lovely behind a dessert table.

clothespin gift topper
A fun way to make paper favor bags fabulous with Giver's Log.

clothespin mirror
How about making a mirror with Green Diary?

clothespin advent calendar
With burlap bags and twine, a rustic advent calendar from Houzz.

clothespin gift topper
Creature Comforts shows us how a little creativity goes a long with gift adorning.

clothespin bag clip
Why invest in those fancy store-bought clips when you can make these from Dollar Store Crafts!

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