Tuesday Tutorial (On A Thursday) - Halloween Hanging Doily Garland

paper doily garlands with paper fans and lanterns

I'm always inspired by fabulous store windows...I came across this gem at Enchanted Florist and fell in love! They made paper doily garlands and I loved the vertical flow contrasted so well with the bright pops of color from the paper lanterns and fans.

I love this idea because paper doilies are so affordable, you can get packs of them at Dollar Tree.  My Cash & Carry has a 250 pack for only $5.00 and that will make a lot of garlands.  I knew I had to duplicate the garland with a with a Halloween twist!  I know, you can't even think about Halloween, but you can start working on these now and have lots of them for your party.
Halloween hanging paper doily garland

Hang up a few of these garlands over your party table and you know they'll be the talk of your Halloween party.  They are so easy to make, here's how you do them...

Halloween black paper doily garland
I've always seen Wilton's black paper doilies at Michaels and they just kept calling me to be crafty with them.  They are a bit pricey at $3.99 each, since they are made of glittery cardstock.  But armed with a few coupons, that will take the sting out of them. For this garland, I used 2 packages for a total of 32 doilies.  The longer the garland, the more doilies you will need.

Fold each doily in half, then half, then half again so when unfolded, your doily has eight folded sections.  Then you have to mountain-fold a few folds so that your doily sits like...well a mountain. OK, so if you don't fold origami, you don't know what a mountain-fold is.  Basically, your folds alternate 'sticking out' and 'sticking in'.
Refold the doily in half and at the center point fold, punch a small hole half-way through the fold. Thread a plastic needle with yarn and thread the doilies on.
Halloween paper doily garland tutorial
To keep them from sliding, tie a small piece of yarn between each doily. The beauty is, you can slide this piece up and down the yarn to adjust the look of the garland. The closer the doilies are to each other, the fuller and better your garland will be.
Halloween hanging paper doily garland 3
Hang up your garland and wait for the 'ohs' and 'ahs'. The doilies by themselves are so pretty...
I can't wait to see if new doilies come out anytime soon...I need red, pink or brown ones for the Sugar & Spice baby shower I'm working on, but I know that's a Valentine's Day color scheme, so I may have to wait to make more fabulous garlands then.
Halloween hanging paper doily garland 2
If you make a doily garland for you party, I would love to see them! Email them to me for a Crazy It Forward feature!

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