We Go Wednesday - Pottery Barn Kids/Kiwi Crate Plant A Garden Craft Workshop

Pottery Barn Kids/Kiwi Crate Craft A Garden event 
Are you on Pottery Barn Kids' mailing list? You'll learn about their fabulous in-store events like the recent workshop we attended, a collab with Kiwi Crate.  I can't believe how old my boys are getting...we attend events like these as a set for years, but now my oldest is 11 and is 'too cool' for these outings.

Today's event was creating a windowsill garden and learning about where our food comes from.  Since we live in the lush Pacific Northwest, we are well versed in local orchards and gardens.  Sadly, I keep promising to create a little garden of our own and no follow-through.  The little one couldn't wait to go.
Pottery Barn Kids/Kiwi Crate Craft A Garden event 2
He was so intense, following every direction to the letter...but he is very methodical when it's something he's interested in.  Which is funny, because he's the exact opposite when he's not...whipping through whatever it is to get it over with.
Pottery Barn Kids/Kiwi Crate Craft A Herb Garden herbs
Here are our creations at home. He was so protective of them the whole way back!

And before you know it, little plants started to form!  We are going to decorate terracotta pots to transplant them in...but that's another post for another day!

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