Confetti Makes Everything Better

Brooklyn Bride Confetti Bar

When Brooklyn Bride posted about their confetti bar for The Cream Event, it was the coolest, happiest thing I have ever seen. Participants mixed their own confetti! I want one at every party I have...wouldn't this be awesome set up at a wedding? Shower the new couple with confetti! How about a birthday party? After everyone sings happy birthday, shower the recipient with confetti! New Year's Eve Party? Of course! Bachelorette party? Yes, please!

So when the call went out that they had extra confetti, who wants some, I said 'hell, yeah!' I love getting mail, and if it has confetti in it, hell yeah again.

confetti baby shower card
And as usual, I get all excited and needed to make it myself....I found a great spot that sells #3 glassine envelopes for super cheap, $5.25 for 100 at Stamp Paraphernalia. They fit well on a A2 card. So I made a card for the baby shower I attended this past weekend. For some reason, most of the confetti I had on hand was pink and since the mommy-to-be is having a boy, I couldn't use it, so I used sprinkles instead. Who doesn't need a few sprinkles in their life?

Now I'm currently addicted to the idea of having some kind of confetti bar at my next party. And I will be making lots of  confetti cards.

And speaking of making cards, I found this awesome stamp on clearancet at Michaels for .60 (I scooped up quite a few but more on that another time) and the old wheels got to turning.  I paired it up with my favorite paper straw candles, and voila!
paper straw candle birthday card
Yes, this will now be my go-to idea for birthday cards until I obsess over another.

And yes, I gets all crafty when hubby is gone for his monthly's amazing how much time I have on my hands when I'm not hanging with him.  I even made a new paper doily garland using sunflower doilies I scooped up from Dollar Tree.  You are going to have to wait on that is actually to showcase something yummy involving pie.  Whoops, I said too much already...

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