BCA Wednesday - Think Before You Pink Toolkit

I wish I had received this sooner to share earlier in the month, but some pink products are available year round, so better late than never.

And disclaimer...this post is meant to inform, not to be judgey or point fingers. There are two sides to every story,  I'm just giving you a heads up!

As we all know, with anything charitable, there are those who would take advantage of the goodness of others. Buying a pink item may give you a warm feeling about contributing to a worthy cause, but paying for pink-ribbon products doesn’t necessarily mean you’re donating to breast cancer research or awareness.

Breast Cancer Action (BCAction) has created the Think Before You Pink® (TB4UP) Toolkit to provide you with useful tools for action to change the conversation about breast cancer.

Since 1990 BCAction has challenged the impact of Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM). So far, the primary effect of BCAM has been to fill October with pink ribbon products to ostensibly raise awareness about breast cancer. Despite billions of dollars raised for the cause, BCAction continues to question just how far we’ve really come.

This TB4UP Toolkit is the first step in changing the conversation around breast cancer and pink ribbons. Inside, you will find information and tools to

• LEARN about the politics of breast cancer, the truth about pinkwashing, and the history of BCAction’s Think Before You Pink® campaign.

• SHARE what you learn about critical questions to ask before you buy pink, how to talk to friends and family about walks and runs, FAQs about pink fundraising, surprising answers to a Think Before You Pink® quiz, and how to effectively use social media to change the conversation.

• ACT to change the conversation by asking companies to sign the Pledge to Prevent Pinkwashing, launching your own Think Before You Pink® campaign, writing a letter to the editor, supporting legislation that will move us closer to a decrease in breast cancer diagnoses, and supporting the vast Breast Cancer Action community of women and men who want to end this epidemic.

Download your toolkit here.

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