It's Halloweek!: Coffin Treat Boxes

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Wooden coffin treat boxes
What did one casket say to the other casket?
Is that you coffin? Need a cough drop?
Michaels always has the best wooden crafts and every time I go there, my mind starts reeling.  When I saw their unfinished coffin boxes, I knew they would make the perfect party treat boxes to share for Halloweek. You know what comes next, I assembled the team, including one of my new rolls of washi tape.

Ignore the crackle bottle...I took the photo before crafting and the coffin would have been even more AWESOME if it had worked. It didn't. It just looks like gloss.  I'm a little bummed (read: pissed) because I wanted the whole weathered, crackly look.  But, eh, what are you going to do?

So let's take a peek inside shall we?
Wooden coffin treat boxes 2

Wooden coffin treat boxes candy bones

Remember last's years Halloween Finger Food? Yes, I couldn't resist making them again. Next time you are in Dollar Tree, you may find it the next time you are there. Oh, am I the only one who seems to live there? They have a skull ice mold that would work just as well.  I say that because I have it, and I almost made little bloody skulls instead.  I'll save that for another craft, it's perfect for a Dia De Los Muertos celebration.

So back to the coffins...get yourself a few...set them unfinished for your party guests to get creative, or glam up a few for your mantel.  I can totally see them covered in glitter, sitting open with a votive candle inside.

donuts cider shower
And speaking of holiday craftiness, I'm working on a Sugar And Spice baby shower happening in a few weeks and I've found some very clever ideas! If you are working on any type of fall party, check out my Today's Mama's post to see what I've come you 'love' this donuts and cider display? Oh yes, you do! There is no subliminal message here...go find out more about it...

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