It's Halloweek!: Real Party/Fiesta Friday (On A Saturday) - Zombie Treat Table

zombie party treat table

We've been whooping it up all Halloweek and there is no better way to cap it off than with the grand reveal of my Zombie Party treat table.

Remember my zombie party inspiration post? Because of my school schedule (boo!), I'm not doing a full-blown Halloween party (boo!!) but to get the holiday itch out, I put together this treat table and I hope it inspires your own ghoulish happenings...

Break out your lanterns and poms to give your spooky backdrop depth and visual interest; lots of layering is key.  I love the color scheme because it doesn't scream Halloween and would be perfect for your The Walking Dead viewing party or more sophisticated adult party.

zombie party treat table centerpiece

A flame-less centerpiece is perfect alternative for a children's table or area you can't monitor.  Fill a clear stand with battery operated candles and top with spider webbing. Stand it up on a stack of old books (a thrift store score!)  and you are set!

zombie party treat table marshmallows

zombie party treat table marshmallows 2

Zombie marshmallows are a must...I was inspired by The Decorated Cookie's version and took it to the next level with candy melt hair and paper straws. Yup, dried black eye peas seemed perfectly appropriate.

zombie party treat table bloody brains popcorn

BRAINS....BRAINS! Every Halloween party needs bloody brains...check out the how-to from Pennies On A Platter.

zombie party treat bags

I can't tell you how much I'm crushing on decorative tape...why just tape things on, when you can tape them on with washi tape?

zombie party treat table bone crackers

Dem bones...dem bones!  Zombies clean the meat right down to them...but mine are harmless graham crackers covered in frosting.  Just sandwich two bone-shaped graham crackers with a little bit of frosting, then cover in melted frosting. I used store-bought frosting and microwaved in a measuring cup at half-power for about 30 seconds, until it is a pouring consistency.

Place your crackers on a cookie rack and set it on top of  a sheet of wax paper.  Carefully, pour the frosting over the cookies, and the excess will drip onto the wax paper.  It may take two coats of frosting to make an opaque covering, so just let the first coat cool, scrap the excess frosting back into your measuring cup and repeat.

zombie party treat table Brains In A Jar

Come much do you love this 'Brain In A Jar' ideas and printables from Living Locurto! She uses strawberry preserves but you can use cherry pie filling for a sweeter alternative.

I've been sitting on these Eyes-On-You Bites from last year's Better Homes And Gardens Halloween Tricks & Treats magazine and knew they would be perfect.  I just baked red velvet cakes in mini Bundt pans, and once they cooled, I piped on the white icing and added the plastic eyeballs.  You can use foil-covered eyeballs or if you are really lucky to find them, gummy eyeballs.

Cookie crumbles make the perfect dirt for our tombstone candy boxes.

zombie party treat table drink bottles

Of course I couldn't leave our drink bottles out of the party...all you need is some cardstock, googly eyes and imagination! Add (new) Band-Aids, and drops of red food coloring for a gorier look.

zombie party treat table brain favors

Send those guests home with a smile and more sweets with a little brain candy.  Yes, I find candy molds for EVERYTHING...intervention! Score your own at Amazon. And you can't tell me the gift tags look like toe tags!

Thanks for partying with me all Halloweek...I wish you happy hauntings in your party planning, and hope you've been inspired!   Don't forget to enter my Halloween In A Box Giveaway...Halloweek may be over but it's still going until Tuesday.

'Toxic Treats' and 'Spider Bites' printables - Oscar & Emma
bloody cheesecloth, black mesh, zombie tape, tombstone candies, plastic eyeballs, flame-less candles - Dollar Tree
acrylic boxes - Packaging Specialties

Living Locurto

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