It's Halloweek!: Severed Finger Party Invites

Yeah! It's Day 2 of Halloweek! Did you catch Martha's drink shots last time? Today is about getting your party started right. I can't say it enough, I love a clever invite.

I've had these Paper Source muslin bags for awhile and paired with my stamp, I knew they'd make great invites. But what to put inside...
Halloween severed fingers party invite
When I saw these severed fingers at Dollar Tree, it was a done deal.  Pretty gross right? That's not real blood on the bag, just colored water drops. Just write the info on with a Sharpie and invite your guests to bring their bags back to fill with candy and treats at your party.

I know, it's the little things that make a party over the top, and I'm pretty sure a bag of severed fingers will be the talk of the town.  Trust me, I'm not the only one who is inspired by missing appendages...check out these other digit-worthy invites...

severed finger party invites Martha Stewart

A classic box invite from Martha Stewart; you cast your own finger!

zombie severed finger party invite

Jack's Attic decided to take Martha's idea to a whole new level.

edible severed finger party invite
How about an edible version from Armelle?

toe tag party invite

Evolution Of Home toe tag invites...they would be perfect with these tags from Michaels.

Michaels plaster fingers
photo from Old Fashioned Halloween
And speaking of Michaels, if you don't have time to cast your finger, they carry plaster fingers in store. You can easily paint them and cut out the casting-your-own-finger middle man. need to go to Dollar Tree? Alrighty...there will be a lot of that this week...I'll wait.

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