It's Halloweek!: Spooky Cauldrons + Frankenpops

Double, double toil and trouble
Fire burn, and caldron bubble. 
Fillet of a fenny snake 
In the cauldron boil and bake. 
Eye of newt, and toe of frog...

If you've read Macbeth, you know the famous words of the three witches. And if you are really clever, you'll   spy a few of their wretched ingredients floating in my cauldron.

When I spied these salsa dip bowls at...wait for it...Dollar Tree, I said to myself "Self, don't those look like cauldrons?" And self said, "Yes, Dawn...they do!"

All you need is some tinted cake...any old vanilla cake recipe or store bought mix will do.  Bake it in a 9 X 13 pan so you can easily slice and dice it. And you'll need matching frosting. Again, any old vanilla frosting recipe or store bought frosting will do.  Quick, which way do you think mine are?

Make them a fun shade of green...mine is a mix of Wilton's Kelly Green and Leaf Green icing colors. Break out a large star piping tip (mine is a 1M), pipe on your frosting, and add a few accouterments...plastic eyeballs (remove before eating of course, or if you can find them, gummy eyeballs), gummy worms and frogs.  But feel free to add whatever you can find...a few spiders, maybe small candy bones, a finger or two...

You have to stir your cauldron, so don't forget add a wooden fork or spoon.

Halloween Frankenpops push pops

And if you have some cake left over, break out a few push pop containers and create a few, spooky Frankenpops! Just a few details with a permanent marker...

Halloween Frankenpops push pops

...and a swirl of chocolate frosting.  I think the frosting is my favorite...because it's chocolate.

Halloween Bride Of Frankenpop

Add a few streaks of white frosting for The Bride Of Frankenpop...

Running off to Dollar Tree again? I'll wait...grab the packs of eyeballs and gummy worms while you're there...

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